Tips for Conquering Your Fear of Flying

Tips for Conquering Your Fear of Flying

Flying in a plane can be a scary event. Being in the air thousands of feet above the ground with no real form of control is not easy. It is not difficult to see why so much fear and anxiety can grip you before and during a flight. In addition, flying is not the most comfortable experience, with most people being stuffed in uncomfortable chairs with minimal legroom. Explore these tips for conquering your fear of flying.

Learn the Truth

There are many things that contribute to the fear of flying, but there are also solutions to help reduce that fear. One thing you can do is learn how a plane works. Learning about lift and propulsion along with how the shape of a wing creates lift can help calm your fears. By understanding the mystery behind flight, it might not seem so scary.

Hang onto Some Mantra

Just think to yourself, “The pilot does this all the time.” Flight attendants and pilots fly on planes every day for years and they eventually retire and grow old. Thousands, if not millions of flights happen with just as many workers and they will make it through. These types of thoughts can calm you down. Also, grabbing an aisle seat can help.

Try Flight Classes

This idea relates to the first tip as it is meant to build your knowledge. One big thing that can really help you get over your fears is learning how to fly. This knowledge will empower you and you can use it to confront your fear of flying. Flying classes will teach you practical knowledge so that you can fly yourself and gain some power on a plane. Unlike those who do not know how to fly, you will know what to do and can even transport yourself if you really want to. Also, by knowing how to fly you can travel at your own leisure.

Some other tips for conquering your fear of flying include finding a distraction or talking to the flight attendants about your fears. Remember, even if you are afraid, flying is well worth it.

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