Top Signs Your Control Arms Need To Be Replaced

Top Signs Your Control Arms Need To Be Replaced

The control arm is one of the most ubiquitous components found in nearly every car on the road. It ensures safe driving and pleasant rides. However, a malfunctioning control arm will have an impact on your driving experience, which is why you should be aware of the indications of bad control. Here are some of the top signs your control arms need to be replaced.

Vibrations of the Steering Wheel

One of the most obvious signs of a poor control arm is a vibrating steering wheel. Wheel shimmy is common due to the worn control arm bushings. When you step on the accelerator, the vibrations in the steering wheel become stronger, but then they fade.

Steering Wheel Wandering

The control arms influence the efficient movement of your car’s steering. If you notice that your car’s steering wheel moves from side to side, you may have a problem with the control arm’s bushings or ball joints. If you don’t check the control arms of your car as soon as you discover this symptom, you risk endangering yourself and other road users.

Unusual Noises

When the bushings and ball joints in the car’s control arm develop problems, you’ll hear strange noises, like popping or clunking. When they become worn out, they lose their ability to govern the movement of the control arm, causing the metal components to snap and clunk. This is one of the most prevalent indications of a damaged control arm on a Jeep XJ.

Shaky Vehicle Wheels

This symptom occurs when the control arms fail to keep the vehicle’s wheels firmly linked to the vehicle. When the ball joint and bushings wear out, the control arms fail to steady the automobile wheels. This disrupts the wheel’s alignment, and the wheels begin to shake.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something from this recap of the top signs your control arms need to be replaced. While it can be stressful to replace these components, we assure you that doing so will bring you a lot of benefits!

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