Ways To Maximize Space in Your Warehouse

Ways To Maximize Space in Your Warehouse

Space utilization is one of the many challenges of warehouse management. Managing current inventory, while also accommodating growth, can make it hard to make the most out of your available space. Consider trying out a few of these ways to maximize space in your warehouse to optimize your open space.   

Re-Evaluate Aisle Width  

Aisle space will take up a lot of valuable space you could be using elsewhere. You’ll obviously need aisles big enough to work in and wide enough for machinery to navigate, but make sure you aren’t dedicating too much space to aisle sections. Depending on the items and rack sizes, reducing aisle space can drastically open floor space.  

Proper Pallet Storage  

When not in use, storing pallets can seem like a significant waste of space, although it is unavoidable. Use proper pallet storage methods to keep things orderly and safe and consider stacking them upwards rather than outwards to save space. Although, be sure not to stack too tall or you could run into safety hazards.  

Install a Mezzanine  

For any process that doesn’t require high-bay ceilings, installing a mezzanine is a great way to expand your floor space. While they can be an expensive investment, you have the potential to double your floor space if your building permits it.   

Manage Overstock  

One reason many warehouse operators run out of space is due to overstock. Keep a detailed log of your shipments and supplies to reduce the risk of filling your warehouse with unnecessary overstock items.   

Try Cross-Docking  

Cross-docking allows a warehouse to minimize storage space by receiving, sorting, and scanning inbound stock in a cross-docking terminal and then loading it onto outbound trucks and vehicles without storing it in between. By doing so in one terminal, you reduce the amount of unnecessary storage time between the various processes, opening storage space for other products.  

There are several ways to maximize space in your warehouse. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, these options may help you get more out of your warehouse. 

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