What To Expect From a Professional Jewelry Appraisal

What To Expect From a Professional Jewelry Appraisal

When you possess fine jewelry, it’s essential to know its value. Whether you’re insuring a precious heirloom or considering selling a piece, a professional jewelry appraisal can provide you with necessary and helpful information. Here’s what to expect from a professional jewelry appraisal and how to choose a qualified appraiser.

Why Get an Appraisal?

The valuations of your jewelry can be different depending on they type of appraisal you’re seeking. Before you start looking for an appraiser, you should know why you think you need an appraisal.


One of the primary reasons for getting a jewelry appraisal is for insurance purposes. An accurate valuation ensures you receive the full replacement value if your jewelry gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Whether you buy antique jewelry or inherit it, insuring it just makes financial sense.

Selling Your Jewelry

If you’re planning to sell a piece of jewelry, an appraisal gives you a realistic expectation of its market value. This information helps you price your item appropriately and avoid underselling it.

Liquidating Jewelry Due to Financial Hardship

In times of financial hardship, liquidating jewelry can provide much-needed funds. If you must sell your jewelry quickly, appraisers may give you a lower value that reflects your need for an immediate sale.

Considerations When Choosing an Appraiser

When selecting a professional jewelry appraiser, consider their legal and ethical obligations, certifications, memberships in professional associations, understanding of jewelry-making techniques, and experience and references.

Legal and Ethical Obligations

A reputable appraiser adheres to a code of ethics that requires impartiality and confidentiality. They should also maintain updated knowledge of laws related to the sale and valuation of jewelry. Providing an inflated appraisal is unethical and illegal. Also, no appraiser should base their fee on the value of the jewelry being appraised, as this would provide an incentive to overstate the jewelry’s value.

Certifications and Memberships

Look for appraisers who hold certifications from recognized bodies like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Membership in professional associations, such as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), indicates a commitment to maintaining high industry standards.

Experience and Reference

An experienced appraiser with positive references can offer you peace of mind. Ask for recommendations and check online reviews to gauge the appraiser’s reputation.

Understanding of Jewelry-Making Techniques

An appraiser with a deep understanding of jewelry-making techniques can accurately assess the craftsmanship of your pieces, which significantly impacts their value.

What Should a Jewelry Appraisal Cost?

Most appraisers charge an hourly rate, which may be affected by the complexity and number of the pieces being appraised. Always prioritize qualifications and experience over cost.

When your appraisal is complete, you should receive a detailed written document explaining how the value was calculated. You’ll need to show your insurance company this document if you intend to add jewelry to your policy.

Obtaining a professional jewelry appraisal can provide invaluable insights into the value of your pieces. By carefully selecting a reputable appraiser, you can ensure you receive an accurate, ethical, and comprehensive evaluation of your precious possessions.