What To Know About Holiday Travel During COVID-19

What To Know About Holiday Travel During COVID-19

The holidays are bound to look different this year. While staying safe at home is the most advisable option this year, it is essential to be extra careful if you plan to travel. Here is what to know about holiday travel during COVID-19 for safe travels.

Drive Instead of Flying

Driving provides an extra cushion of safety as you will not have to interact with large groups of strangers, especially in a confined space like an airplane. It may increase your travel time, but there are plenty of ways to make long-distance driving more fun, all while staying safe this year.

Quarantine and Testing

The best way to keep all family members safe during holiday trips this year is to quarantine and get tested. Self-isolate for 14 days before and after the trip, and get tested before embarking on your travels. Make sure all family members planning to join the festivities this year are getting tested as well.   

Stick To Family Time 

After traveling long distances to visit family, you may be tempted to turn the trip into a vacation. This year, opt out of visiting local tourist locations to reduce your likelihood of getting sick.

Wear a Mask

As always, when around other people, wear a mask and follow social distancing practices. Be sure to do so anytime you stop for gas, food, or during any interactions while on your travels.

Think About Accommodations  

If someone in your family is at high risk, staying together at a relative’s home may not be the best option. Consider booking a hotel room to reduce the amount of time that at-risk family members are present in big groups. For safekeeping, pack some extra cleaning supplies to disinfect your hotel room as well.

Preparing for the holidays this year will take some extra planning and patience. Follow this guide for all you need to know about holiday travel during COVID-19.

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