3 Menu Design Tips That Will Help Your Restaurant Succeed

3 Menu Design Tips That Will Help Your Restaurant Succeed

Starting your own business isn’t easy, and this is doubly true for restaurants. There are a ton of factors involved in the success of your business. Did you know that one of the biggest drivers of success for restaurants is the menu? This encompasses menu design, selection, and food items. Learn more about the top three design tips that’ll make your restaurant succeed.

Categorize Menu Items by Profit and Popularity

You should craft the items in your menu and group them according to various categories. Feature your most popular and profitable dishes on the front page of your menu and group them logically. Other items on your menu are popular but might not be as profitable as you’d like. These items might be on the second page of your menu, grouped first categorically, perhaps by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Finally, some parts of the menu are highly profitable but aren’t very popular. You need to feature these items at the front of your page.

Limit Choices

One of the hottest food service trends around is conciseness in menu options. You might instinctively want to give your customers as many dish options as possible. However, casting a wide net isn’t always ideal. More choice doesn’t mean greater profit. Too much choice can lead to analysis paralysis, where customers don’t know what to get. Limit your menu to a few items based on your restaurant’s theme. This could be anything from a Southwestern grill restaurant with fajitas and other similar cuisine to an Italian place that specializes in chicken alfredo. Regardless, cut down on your choices, and you’ll be in a much better place.

Highlight a High-Profit Item in Each Category

Putting high-profit items in your golden triangle—the part of your menu from the middle to either side of the top of the menu—is a great way to highlight featured items. That said, it’s not the only way you can increase profits. Make sure you place high-margin menu options in italics or bold fonts that will make it prominent. This is one of the best menu design tips that will help your restaurant succeed. If you implement these tips, you’ll be well on your way to success in business.

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