Best Tips for Planning a Backyard Wedding

Best Tips for Planning a Backyard Wedding

You should consider a backyard wedding to turn your nuptials into a cozier affair. This allows you to transform your beloved home full of memories into an intimate venue where your closest friends and family can see you. Read on to discover some of the best tips for planning a backyard wedding.

Get the Proper Permissions

It’s easy to think that you can simply host an event in your backyard with no problem, but there’s some legal prep work you’ll need to do first. You must first obtain permissions, which can range from city permits to fire department inspections. You should also hire an electrician to examine your property, establish whether local noise regulations need a permit, and evaluate whether you need to apply for a license to park vehicles on your block.

Figure Out How Much Space You Have

You’ll need to make sure you can fit everyone in your backyard. Does everyone have enough room to sit and maneuver around tables and chairs comfortably? You may need to cut down on your invite list until you’re sure you can handle everyone.

Decide on Your Theme

Setting up outside your home gives you total control over the vibe you’re looking to give off. Do you want a fun and sporty setup with lawn games or something more intimate with candlelight and sophisticated décor? Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can figure out what your decorations will look like.

Look Out for Bad Weather

A stormy day can derail your event and undo all of your hard work. Prepare ahead of time by purchasing tents to protect yourself and your guests if it begins to rain. If you know it’ll be hot, you may need to set up fans and shaded areas.

You Probably Need a Portable Restroom Rental

You need to keep in mind that your home’s septic systems and toilets aren’t designed for high-volume usage. If you have more than twenty people coming, you should rent a portable restroom trailer. These units are more luxurious than a porta-potty, and you can spruce them up to make them even classier.

Get Your Yard in Order

You don’t want to scramble to get all your landscaping done just days before the wedding. One of the best tips for planning a backyard wedding is to start working on your yard months ahead of time. That can involve pulling weeds, laying grass, or planting rows of flowers, and every little bit you do will help add to the charm.

Setting everything in your backyard gives you complete freedom to turn the wedding of your dreams into a reality. You can be sure that your marriage ceremony will be an unforgettable experience.