Dog Parent Tips: Transitioning Back to the Office

Dog Parent Tips: Transitioning Back to the Office

Over the course of the pandemic, many workers transitioned from in-office roles to ones based out of their homes. For many of these workers, the time to return to the office is starting to approach. This is a huge transition for many workers—but it’s an even bigger one for their pets.

If you’re concerned about your pup when you head back into the office, check out these top dog parent tips for transitioning back to the office.

Try Test Runs

Start getting your dog used to being alone at home again by scheduling times each day to leave the house without them. Start slow if you’re concerned about your pup’s separation anxiety or confusion. It can be a 15-minute walk without them at first to work up to a few hours away at a time.

It’s better to find out how they react now than on your first day back to the office.

Find Ways To Help Ease Their Minds

Everybody needs ways to decompress in stressful situations—your dog included! Consider trying out new things to see what helps calm your furry friend. One thing to try is making some calming herbal dog treats to reward your pup with before you leave the house. This way, they’ll have something to look forward to and to distract them when you initially leave—and the herbs help calm them after you’re gone!

Give Them Morning Exercise

Exercising before you head out to work in the morning is a great routine for both you and your dog’s mental and physical health. Going out for a run, a jog, a game of fetch, or even a quick trip to the park can fulfill your dog’s need for exercise and pent-up needs for interaction when you’re gone for long periods during the day.

Getting into a routine and starting to prepare your pup for the inevitable switch back to long stretches apart from you are the best dog parent tips for transitioning back to the office.

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