How to Maintain a Car You Aren’t Driving Much

How to Maintain a Car You Aren’t Driving Much

Millions of people are staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Tons of restaurants are closed, and the streets are empty. If you’re not an essential worker and your ride is sitting in the garage, follow these tips on how to maintain a car you aren’t driving much. Even though you’re not going anywhere, you should still take care of your baby on wheels.

Clean It

The longer your automobile sits in the garage, the dirtier it’ll get. Dust and debris will accumulate on your ride and cause damage. Moisture can make its way in there as well. If you want your car to feel brand new when you drive it again, you must clean it frequently. Start by pulling it into the driveway so you can do the perfect at-home car wash. Fill a bucket with soap and water, so the garden hose doesn’t flow the entire time. After your vehicle has dried, apply some car wax to get an extra shine. There are different types of car waxes, each with its various benefits. Your automobile will look sparkling if you put in the effort to keep it clean.

Change Your Oil

Drivers must follow their vehicle’s oil change specifications even if they aren’t driving it. A car’s oil must be changed every six months (or every 5,000 miles). An engine won’t run properly with contaminated oil, so if you’re able, change your ride’s oil by yourself. If you don’t think you can take on the task by yourself, call a mechanic to walk you through the process over the phone. Drivers should consider changing out their oil filters, too. Oil filters prevent contaminants from getting into the engine. The last thing you want is to still be stuck at home when things reopen because your automobile won’t start.

Fill Your Gas Tank & Tires

Even if you haven’t hit the open road in a minute, you must keep your gas tank full. A seldom-used gas tank is prone to rusting, so take a quick drive over to the nearest gas station to prevent this from happening. Drivers must fill their tires with air as well. Weather conditions can cause air to leak out of your tires, so if your automobile is stuck in the garage this summer, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Fill your tires with air while you’re at the gas station. Remember to practice social distancing while you’re there.

This resourceful guide on how to maintain a car you aren’t driving much will help anyone who’s staying at home. Social distancing helps slow the spread of COVID-19. So please, stay off the roads until it’s safe to travel again. As long as you take care of your car, you should be able to cruise out of your garage the minute things return to normal.

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