Sources of Radiation at Home That Could Damage Your Health

Sources of Radiation at Home That Could Damage Your Health

Every day you are in contact with different types of radiation that could damage your health depending on their level and the time of exposure. A home is a place where you should be safe from any type of threats, especially radiation and toxic gases. Therefore, it is important to know about sources of radiation at home that could damage your health so that you can prevent possibly dangerous situations.

Granite Countertops

This element is very popular in kitchen countertops, but it may come from mines that could contain some radioactivity. These countertops are famous because they emit radiation and radon; the levels aren’t too dangerous levels, but you should still always limit exposure.

Any material that comes from the earth has radiation, and this is the case with specific minerals, some of which may have been in contact with dangerous gases. Although it probably sounds alarming, granite is still very safe overall and is a popular choice for many homes.

Radon Gas

Radon is a gas that comes from uranium and rocks within the earth. This gas usually leaks into basements because the spaces are essentially big holes in the ground where houses rest. Radon is a tasteless, colorless element that could be very dangerous.

You need to know what levels of radon are acceptable versus which ones could be deadly. Based on the levels in your home, you may need to take action or have a professional assess the situation for your safety.

Glass With Uranium

It was once a very popular practice to tint glasses for a more interesting look, but the materials used to tint them and make them glow in the dark contained uranium. Nowadays, this practice is no longer common, though some manufacturers will still use this method to attract the attention of people, especially kids.

If you have uranium tinted glass around your home, make sure it does not come in contact with people’s mouths. Keep the glass only as decorations; though the amount of uranium they contain is minimal, it can be very dangerous if ingested.

Smoke Detectors

These detectors use a minimal amount of radioactivity to function and alert homeowners when there is smoke in the air. It is one of the most common sources of radiation at home that could damage your health. This material is encased inside foil, which blocks the radiation, but it is still something you should be aware of. You need to be careful when coming in close contact with this device.

Every day we face risks. It is almost impossible to eliminate them entirely, but it is possible to reduce them. The use of certain elements to produce energy comes with health risks; even something as useful and necessary as electricity comes with added risks.

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