The Best Patterns for Holiday Quilt Designs

The Best Patterns for Holiday Quilt Designs

Handmade, snuggly, and warm, quilts are among the most beautiful gifts to give during the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to start prepping your next project so that it’s ready just in time for the family gift exchange! Here are some of the best patterns for holiday quilt designs that you should consider the following.

Classic Tree Patterns

This year, consider creating a tree-themed quilt that the Grinch will have to resist the urge to steal (and, of course, return later)! Trees are an absolutely classic holiday quilt design element that often implements beginner blocks and piecing techniques. Flying geese are among the friendliest blocks you can build tree designs from. Many other methods are also available to help you create truly unique trees for every quilt.

Snowflakes and Star Blocks

Snowflakes and star blocks are foundational to the holiday quilt designs we know and love. Different fabric colors can give the impression of pristine poinsettias, shimmering snowflakes, and even fir-green wreathes. The wide array of star block designs available allows you to match the aesthetic you’re looking for with the techniques you’re confident in.

Presents and Gift Boxes

Square blocks are perfect for putting presents under the tree! You can create a design reminiscent of running downstairs to see a sudden mountain of presents waiting for the family with both scrappy and modern blocks. More complex gift box holiday quilt designs incorporate the ribbon using thin rectangle pieces or small triangles to create a bow. Just like with every other design on this list, gift boxes are a design easy to adapt to your experience level.

Don’t Forget Panels and Appliques!

If you’re still trying to find inspiration for the patterns for holiday quilt designs you want to use this year, don’t forget to look at panels and appliques! Fabric panels depicting holiday scenes can help to define your quilt’s color scheme and guide the blocks you use. These panels show every aspect of the season, from snowy cabin scenes to cozy fireplaces!

Appliques are another great way to add holiday flair to a quilt in need of cheer and personality! Snowmen, gingerbread cookies, and winter mittens are great designs that are easier to include as an applique than a piecing pattern.

As always, the best patterns for holiday quilt designs are the ones that inspire you and foster your creative drive. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a quilt design you’re not passionate about but need to finish before the end of the year. One way to speed up the process and discover designs you love is to consider using a quilting kit! These tried-and-true combinations of fabric, patterns, and appliques make project planning for your gift quilts that much easier.

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