The Best Types of Cabinets for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

The Best Types of Cabinets for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Cabinets are some of the most eye-catching fixtures in most kitchens. Luckily, there are many different types of cabinet designs that will ensure you can find something that fits your individual style. However, because there are so many different types of kitchen cabinets available, it can be hard for newcomers to understand which is best for them. If you find yourself in this position, read on. We have compiled a list of some of the best types of cabinets for your next kitchen remodel.

Shaker Style for the Finer Kitchens

When you think of fancy kitchens, you likely think of shaker style cabinets. The shaker style cabinet is renowned for its durability, visual appeal, and functionality. The easiest way to identify these types of cabinets is by noting the use of different slabs to construct the whole cabinet. In many cases, these cabinets will feature a frame and a filling within the frame of the same type of wood. However, different slabs of wood grains may be oriented in different directions to give the cabinet some texture. Generally, these types of cabinets are found in kitchens that place a heavy emphasis on decoration and lighting, as these types of cabinets reflect light very well.

Slab Means Simplicity

One of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles right now is the slab style. These cabinets are typically used to modernize kitchens, as they feature a simplistic yet elegant design for shelving and cabinetry. When you go with slab style cabinets, you are making a commitment to modernity and function over form. Even so, many designers have managed to make these types of cabinets more interesting by introducing different colors and knobs to differentiate these higher-end cabinets from cheaper ones. If you are looking for a simple modern touch that adds elegance and class to a room without displaying any fancy characteristics, we recommend going with a slab style of cabinetry.


The last and perhaps most popular type of cabinetry found in kitchens is beadboard cabinetry. Typically reserved for ‘80s- and ‘90s-style cottages, beadboard cabinetry is making a comeback in many different kitchen designs. Beadboard is great in that it is a timeless design that melds with many different styles. As you may have guessed from its name, beadboard utilizes beadboard wood that has been routed to have beads or rivets throughout the cabinet, usually displayed in a vertical fashion. This can add a pattern or design that may mix and match well with the other types of cabinets in your kitchen.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to some of the best types of cabinets to use for your next kitchen remodel. While it can be difficult to find the cabinets that best suit your style, we assure you that they are out there—all you need to do is find the right one!


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