The Most Popular Types of Flooring

The Most Popular Types of Flooring

Flooring trends, like fashion trends, come and go with the decades. While the choice of flooring you decide to use in your house ultimately depends on the current needs of those in your household, choosing a more popular type of flooring can raise the value of your property.

Some of the most popular types of flooring speak to a need for easy to clean, low-maintenance flooring. Others appeal more to homeowners with luxurious tastes. Keep these options in mind when you’re in the market for new floors and pick the best fit for your home.


Laminate flooring has experienced a sharp increase in popularity over the past few years. As a less expensive, still beautiful alternative to hardwood, you can find laminate anywhere from a rental property to a family home with pets. Planks of laminate are easy to install and require very little maintenance. Cleaning laminate is much easier than any other type of flooring.

Choose laminate flooring if you need to save money on your renovation but still want something sleek and classy. Laminate floors can look like natural wood. It comes in various modern neutral colors as well. Go for whatever suits your design.


There’s nothing better than a soft, clean carpet beneath your feet when you wake up in the morning. The only challenge is keeping it that way. While it can be challenging to maintain a carpet with a high pile height, the reward is well worth it. It’s silent to walk on and easy for young children to maneuver over as they learn to walk and play. Carpet doesn’t necessarily work in every room, and you must consider what the right flooring is for each space. But for bedrooms and children’s playrooms, it will prevent many rough tumbles.


From less expensive recycled hardwood to luxurious, dark, and mysterious options, the price range for a solid hardwood floor is all over the place. However, when your home has a space with beautiful hardwood flooring, it becomes a talking piece for any guest who comes over. Hardwood flooring is cozy, and its design can range from modern to rustic, depending on how you use it. While you will need to refinish a real hardwood floor, the extra maintenance hasn’t stopped it from consistently being one of the most popular types of flooring today.

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