Tips for Hiring New Workers in Your Salon

Tips for Hiring New Workers in Your Salon

Building the dream team in your salon takes time, which means recruiting the right individuals. While you have to search out talent, you also need to find individuals who fit your work culture. Keep this process efficient and simple with these great tips for hiring new workers in your salon.

Detailed Job Description

As you post an ad for open positions, remember to keep it fairly detailed so that anyone applying knows what to expect should they interview. Make sure to include:

  • Required skills and certificates
  • Company culture and work ethic
  • Job title
  • Necessary experience level

Attracting the right individual becomes easier by intermixing essential skills and certificates with your work culture. After all, potential employees search for a great work environment as much as you look for like-minded individuals.

Search out Talent

Sometimes filling positions isn’t as easy as posting on job recruiting sites and social media. Consider attending career fairs for fresh talent, especially if you need to hire for beginner-level positions since fresh talent could mean new ideas. You could also attract candidates for open positions by asking workers and clients for recommendations.


Offer incentives as you do this, like discounted services to customers or bonuses to employees. This is an easy way to keep your salon running smoothly as you cater to clients, improve the work environment, and expand your team.

Plan Out Interviews

When the time comes to interview the best candidates for the position, prepare beforehand. This gives you time to write out what you want to say about the position and what questions you plan to ask. The more you get to know the candidate, the better.

Since the beauty industry relies on talent, another tip for hiring new workers in your salon is to request those applying for open positions to show you their skills during the interview. You can do this with a mannequin or request they bring in photos of their work. This gives you a better idea of how skilled the individual is.

Take Time To Hire

Finally, remember to take the time you need to decide. While one individual may have all the skills and seem perfect, you may come across another with the skills and personality you want. Hiring is a process, but you’ll find the best talent for your salon by remaining patient. You can find the missing piece to finally assemble your dream team with all these tips!