Top 3 Ways To Show Your Patriotism for Your Country

Top 3 Ways To Show Your Patriotism for Your Country

Patriotism is more than absentmindedly mouthing the Pledge of Allegiance and listening to the Star-Spangled Banner during a football game. True patriotism is purposeful and impactful. So what are some top ways you can show patriotism for your country? Read on to find out more.

Educate Yourself

Around patriotic holidays, you might see an uptick in American history documentaries. When was the last time you watched a documentary outside of class? If you can sit and binge Netflix shows for six hours, you can watch a documentary for one. Numerous books on the market also help you understand what showing patriotism for your country means. It might be wise to use these tools to remind yourself of how great America truly is.

Fly a Flag

This is less for showing everyone else how patriotic you are and more for reminding yourself of your ideals. You don’t have to display the flag high on your roof for the neighbors to see—unless you want it to be. It should be a reminder of your feelings for your country, and it’s supposed to inspire you to treat others well. Remember, there are several flag codes and guidelines regarding how one should work with the American flag. To expand on our previous point on education, it might be wise to also read up on the history behind the flag. One should never fly a flag they don’t fully understand.

Check on a Vet

We pay a lot of lip service toward honoring our veterans. Unfortunately, we do very little to back it up. The VA is notoriously draconian, and homelessness among our vets is at an all-time high. So do what you can to help the vets to better show patriotism for your country. Call a vet that you know. Give to a homeless vet that you find on the street. You’ll be surprised by the struggles these brave men and women deal with. Reach out and extend some love and empathy to your fellow humans.

In short, there are many ways to show patriotism for your country. If you’ve noticed, none of these are too flashy, and most are easily doable. No one is asking you to shout your patriotism from the rooftops. However, small acts of kindness and consideration for your fellow Americans greatly show your patriotism.