5 Effective Ways for Hotels To Improve Fire Safety

5 Effective Ways for Hotels To Improve Fire Safety

Many hotel staff members do their part to enhance the building’s ambiance. Despite the premium put on a hotel’s appearance, guests really look for strong safety measures. A hotel guest chooses a resort based on how well things are communicated; take today to learn five different and effective ways for hotels to improve fire safety.

1. Create Evacuation Routes for Every Floor Level

Every hotel needs a map on the door to show how guests can safely and quickly leave the building if it were to catch on fire. It’s not that a hotel without a drawn map is dangerous to stay in; they didn’t think to include this on every level.

When creating the evacuation routes, have different staff members walk them to ensure it’s fast and easy to go from one level to the next safely. Take notes on any areas with obstacles or doors that automatically lock from the outside.

2. Install Fire Extinguishers Nearby

Fires start anywhere, even in hotel rooms. While sprinkler systems douse flames, keeping a fire extinguisher nearby is still good. All extinguishers should be multipurpose. For instance, classes A through C can put out wood, paper, and gas fires. The multipurpose ones are required in hotels.

While the extinguishers don’t need to be in the rooms, they shouldn’t be too far; at most, they should be 75 feet away. Keep the extinguishers nearby for all to use, including guests, in case of accidental fires in the rooms.

3. Perform Ongoing Inspections

It’s essential to perform ongoing inspections. Performing checks helps identify problems before accidents occur. For instance, you want to walk the paths once every six months to a year to ensure they work for each floor level.

Other inspections include checking the stairs for problems and checking your fire safety systems and equipment, including extinguishers. If anything’s rusting or malfunctions during a test, get it replaced immediately.

4. Keep Hallways Clear

During an evacuation, guests must have clear pathways to get out safely. If the hallway’s narrow, avoid placing things like plants in it. They easily get knocked over and create barriers. Focus on keeping everything straightforward so that all guests and workers can get out of the building safely.

5. Check Your Plan With the Fire Department

Always be in contact with the fire department about your fire safety plan. If you struggle with anything, the fire chief can suggest what to change and improve. They also know the best fire equipment to use, including protective gear and what fire prevention equipment works best.

It’s essential to keep every staff member updated on any changes to the fire protection strategy. As you accumulate the effective ways for hotels to improve fire safety, ensure your plan meets your and guests’ expectations.

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