There are plenty of toys to keep children busy this holiday season…here are just some ideas for the loved ones on your list.

Bamboo Zoo
Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods allows us to see A Different Shade of Green with the launch of its Bamboo Zoo plush line. With the new Bamboo Zoo collection, children’s favorite zoo superstars are reinvented with a new posh look fit for the king of the jungle and his fierce friends. The Bamboo Zoo creations are made from soft and silky bamboo velour and filled with natural corn fiber. Bamboo velour has a natural luster and silky softness, making a crew of charismatic characters shimmer with their own special pizzazz!   Bamboo Zoofeatures Lion, Monkey, Giraffe and Bear, in an adorable assortment of styles and color.

ChuChi Night Light
ChuChi the plushie night-light was designed with two fundamental functions to help get little ones through the night by targeting both the physical and emotional fears that come to life when the lights go off. This portable, huggable, and loveable plushie night-light doubles as an ambient mood light. Chichi has two modes “Lantern night-light” and “Soothing Ambient Heartbeat.” Push ChuChi once to activate Lantern night-light mode, the soft yellow light from ChuChi’s head will illuminate to help chase monsters from their shadowy hiding spots to ensure a child that they are safe and secure under ChuChi’s protection. The Lantern night-light can also act as a lantern to help guide children during nighttime journeys to the restroom.

TMNT R/C Vehicles and Race Sets
Kids of all ages will enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Race Set and Remote Control Vehicles. The NKOK TMNT line puts kids right in the middle of the action with a collection of R/C vehicles and Race Sets. Give kids and fans their own injection of Turtle Power with the TMNT line which includes the Cowabunga Rally Car, Cowabunga Monster Truck, Raphael Monster Truck, Sewer Van, ATV Rider with either Raphael or Leonardo, Race Track Set, or the Skateboarders with either Raphael or Leonardo. The Cowabunga Rally Car, Raphael Monster Truck, and Cowabunga Monster Truck are R/C vehicles with massive rubber, perfect for off-roading and the Sewer Van is a full-function R/C representation of the Sewer Van that the Turtles use to get around New York. They each feature independent front and rear suspension and are designed to be rugged as well as fast.

The Cowabunga Rally Car is controlled by a pistol grip remote, perfect for comfort and functionality. The Raphael Monster Truck rolls on a set of wheels that light up with a set of red LEDs and make for a cool illumination effect in the dark. The Rally Car, and both Monster Trucks and are available at an MSRP of $24.99 while the Sewer Van comes at $12.99.

With the ATV Rider sets, Leo and Raph can settle their sibling rivalries with a fast paced race through the sewers. Each ATV Rider comes with one ATV and either Raphael or Leonardo. Running on different frequencies, the ATV Riders will make for an exciting race each time. The ATV Riders are available at an MSRP of $24.99.

Star Wars Action Figures With Galactic Battle Game
Each Star Wars figure is packaged with a competitive gaming base, a unique battle attributes card and a die to play the game, allowing kids to interact with their Star Wars action figures in a whole new way. (From Hasbro.)

Transformers Power Core Combiner
These new offering from Hasbro introduce fans to an all new assortment of figures that expand on the classic Transformers play pattern. This new expression of figures combine with one another, in dozens of variations, to create a wide variety of larger Combiner robots..