Ways To Help a Friend Who’s Pregnant

Ways To Help a Friend Who’s Pregnant

Pregnancy experiences vary per pregnant individual. If you have children, perhaps you are the resource for every one of your friend’s pregnancy questions. If not, you may be searching for ample ways to help a friend who’s pregnant. Either way, there are plenty of gestures to show your support for your pregnant pal. Exemplify your appreciation for their friendship and excitement for the baby with tips on assisting your friend through pregnancy.


It isn’t easy to see all our loved ones while following COVID-19 safety guidelines. Make time for your friend by setting up phone calls, video chats, or socially-distant hangouts. Interactions with friends are a mood-booster and help to relieve any stress on both ends. Routine communication lets your pregnant pal know you are there for them when need be.

Indulge Together

Pregnancy cravings are no myth. Join your pregnant pal for some takeout and dessert to assure them there is no harm in a little indulgence. Occasionally adhering to their temptations may lead you to find a new favorite food spot together, too.

You can also treat your friend and yourself to pampering. Swollen legs or feet are common effects of pregnancy. Take a load off the both of you and splurge on a relaxing pedicure and manicure. Nothing beats a massage and a fresh set of nails with your best friend!

Plan a Baby Shower

Baby showers are great opportunities to celebrate both mother and child. With social distancing in mind, plan for either a virtual or outdoor celebration. There are tons of fun baby shower games for close family and friends to play, in addition to baby-shower-themed snacks and drinks.

Be sure attendees are aware of proper baby shower etiquette to promote a carefree time for your pregnant friend. You can collaborate on a shower registry to alleviate some of the finances of acquiring necessary baby materials.

Attend a Doctor’s Appointment

Prenatal care visits can be intimidating. Ask your friend if they would like to be accompanied on a doctor’s visit. Making the time to attend one of their doctor’s appointments shows how proactive you are in supporting their pregnancy. A second representative such as yourself will ensure that all relevant prenatal questions are getting asked and answered during the visit.

Enacting in ways to help a friend who’s pregnant will affirm your support for your bestie. Ask how they prefer to be accommodated throughout their pregnancy so you can best assist them. In just a handful of months, you will get to celebrate your friend’s new bundle of joy!