Ways To Improve the Safety of Your Local Park

Ways To Improve the Safety of Your Local Park

A park is a great place for community members to gather and relax. However, parks can also be dangerous places if improper security measures are not in place. To help, here are some ways to improve the safety of your local park.

Develop Better Hiring Practices

If you want to ensure the park runs appropriately, it’s essential to have the proper hiring practices in place so you can hire suitable applicants. Mainly, you should always start with background checks. Background checks help build a better understanding of who a job applicant is and how they can contribute to the park’s safety.

Enforce Better Training Programs for All Workers

From maintenance to security to park administrator assistants, all park employees need training to help develop the skills for the role. Provide training that’s relevant to their job, but always include a segment on best safety practices. This way, all park personnel can contribute to the park’s security.

Inspect the Park and Playground Often

You should inspect the playground and park often. Check out the layout and equipment condition first. Replace or fix faulty and unsafe equipment, and ensure the space is conducive to safe play. Each equipment piece should be in working condition and have six feet of space in all directions, with enough room for kids to move around.

Increase the Park’s Security

Security is important, especially for parks located in major urban areas. First, hire a fully-staffed security team and ensure they have a list of things to check daily—such as lighting, parking, and potential vandalism.

Lighting is also essential to park security. Your pathways may be unsafe at night without proper lighting designs for park and recreation areas. A new lighting design will create a safe environment at all times of the day.

There are several ways to improve the safety of your local park you can do today. Start meeting with the community and the park board to implement these changes today.