Why Fall Cleaning Is Just as Important as Spring Cleaning

Why Fall Cleaning Is Just as Important as Spring Cleaning

Most of us are familiar with the tradition of spring cleaning. After being cooped up all winter, we all want to sweep away the last four months’ worth of dust and grime. But, as both the weather and the leaves take a turn, I suggest we collectively consider a new tradition: fall cleaning. It may not roll off the tongue quite as well, but after you hear why fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning, you’ll want to take up the tradition, too.

Get Rid of Summertime Grime

Between slush and road salt, winter gives us plenty of reasons to clean after it’s done. But summertime brings its own junk into the house that’s good to get rid of. After all, summer is when we spend the most time outdoors, and all that walking in and out can lead to us tracking dirt, pollen, dust, and other yuck into the house. It’s a good idea to start fresh and get all of that out of the house, especially since…

You’re About To Spend a Lot of Time Inside

Now, I know what you’re thinking. In today’s day and age, we’re always spending a lot of time inside. But at least we’ve been able to take a walk in our local parks. Once the snow settles in, it’s not going to be as fun to pop out for a run. The last thing you want is to be stuck inside with dusty furniture and air recirculating through old filters. Taking time to tidy up before you’re really snowed in will make the experience much more pleasant.

Get Ready for the Cold

The point of spring cleaning is it helps you transition from cold weather to warm. You can almost argue that the transition from warm weather to cold is more challenging, hence why fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning. Take the time to bring out the coats and old blankets from storage and wash away the stale scents before it’s time to bundle up. Wash all your bedding, and consider if it’s time to replace your sheets or comforters (especially to nice cozy flannels and quilts). This is also the time to be sure all your snowy weather essentials are at the ready.

It’s the Time for Inspections

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning. It’s often the time people choose to do annual inspections such as checking the smoke alarms and first-aid kits. There are way more things to inspect before winter comes than before summer comes (that alone makes fall cleaning trump spring cleaning). This is the time to have your roof inspected and your gutters cleaned out before the snow sets in and to make sure your heater is ready to kick it into gear to keep out the cold. This is also the time to make sure your entire yard is winter-ready. Once everything is checked off your list, you’ll be able to ride into winter with ease.

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