Signs You Need To Replace Your Range Hood

Signs You Need To Replace Your Range Hood

Your kitchen is the best place to be for fun conversation and meal prepping. However, what’s more important is having up-to-date appliances to keep the kitchen toxin-free and fun to be in for your health and well-being. Although, if you noticed recently that the range hood isn’t doing too well, you might want to review the signs you need to replace your range hood.

The Venting System Doesn’t Work

If you left the kitchen for a second and came back to a smoky kitchen, there’s a chance that your vent system no longer works. The reason your vent no longer works is that you might need to replace the filter, which helps clean the air and exhaust fumes outside.

However, if the filter change does not fix the problem, you need to replace the entire piece with a new one.

The Hood Motor Grows Louder Through Every Use

Through each use of your range hood, you’ve noticed the motor grow increasingly loud. You might think it’s only because it’s working, but if it continuously does it to the point it nearly deafens you, you probably need to clean the motor.

If the motor still makes noise, then there’s probably something loose or jammed in the fan. The one way to check is if a humming, vibration, or chopping sound is coming from inside.

Typically, a professional can fix the problem quickly, but it’s better to go back to your manufacturer’s instructions to see what they recommend if something gets jammed.

The Controls No Longer Work, or Never Did

The reason the range hood is so essential is that it helps make cooking easier and less smelly. However, if you’ve noticed that the controls never worked since you got your range hood, or they stopped working, then there’s likely a problem with the internal circuit board.

This is not an easy fix, so don’t do it yourself. Call in a professional who specializes in venting systems to diagnose and treat the problem, or give you advice on replacing your range hood if it’s too late to fix the issue.

The Lights Are Broken

If the lights on your range hood mysteriously go out, don’t be alarmed. The lights may have worn out, and you need to replace them. Otherwise, take a close look at the rest of your system to ensure it’s only the bulbs and not the switch or other inside mechanisms.

On the other hand, your motor may have blown out, so get in touch with your manufacturer to send someone out to take a look and decide what needs repairs or if the entire unit needs replacing.

Following the signs your range hood needs replacing can help you spot the issues early on so you don’t face any problems later. Keep these in mind when you cook and maintain your range hood after.

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