What You Should Put On Your Wine Bottle Label

What You Should Put On Your Wine Bottle Label

Wine companies face a host of responsibilities that go beyond simply producing a quality bottle of wine. These include putting a label on the bottle that not only catches the consumer’s eye but also gives them the right information about your company and the product. If you’ve gone through the reasons to open your own wine business and decided to start one, learn what you should put on your wine bottle label.

A Nice Background and Logo

Two things that your wine bottle label will need are a nice background and a logo. After all, you want to get the consumers’ attention at a grocery or liquor store, and the combination of the right background and logo will pique their curiosity. If you accompany these features with a tagline that expresses your company’s message, you should hook them.

Essential Information

After you have taken care of the aesthetic aspects, there is other valuable information that you should put on your wine bottle label to meet the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requirements. This info includes your winery brand name, the type of wine, the country and appellation of origin, and the name and address of the importer or bottler.

It’s also essential for you to include the net content and alcohol content, a health warning statement, and a sulfite declaration as well. If you follow the bureau’s regulations, you can prevent further headaches and concentrate on other areas of your business.

Additional Facts

Even after you have met industry requirements, add additional information to your label to impress your potential consumers. You can talk about the history of your vineyard, some fun facts, or food pairing suggestions. These bits of info will help further establish your brand’s image with the consumer.

Your wine bottle label makes the first impression on the customer, so you should make it look as attractive and professional as possible. It will help them decide if they should buy a bottle and enjoy a glass of your wine with dinner.

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