Why It’s Essential to Choose a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

If you suffered an accident or injury due to another person’s doing or negligence, you have the right to seek fair compensation from the responsible party. This type of legal dispute is called a personal injury claim, and a study shows that the median award for all cases studied is slightly above $30,000. Some plaintiffs receive millions of dollars in compensation in cases that go to trial and have media coverage, with factors such as the severity of injuries sustained and the cost of litigation significantly impacting the total amount. But to ensure a good outcome, you must have an expert by your side to guide you through the whole process.

A personal injury attorney is familiar with the law, and they can work with you to get a favorable settlement or verdict. Here is how a skilled lawyer can help you and why you should choose an experienced legal professional to handle your personal injury case. 

They Can Start the Legal Process While You Recover

Being in a car crash or work accident typically means staying in the hospital and waiting until you have sufficiently recovered to start the whole legal process. But if you already have a personal injury attorney, they can file your claims on your behalf, even while you still receive treatment and recover from your injuries. Once you get into an accident, personal injury experts at Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo recommend contacting your lawyer immediately so they can advise you on the necessary steps to strengthen your personal injury claim. Your lawyer may advise you to seek medical attention first and remind you to get your injuries adequately documented. 

They Can Help You to Stay Focused and Make Good Decisions

Since your mind may continue to cloud after the accident, you likely will not have the presence of mind to make good decisions. At this point, the offending party may start offering you compensation to avoid going to court. While your family and friends may encourage you to take the money, a skilled personal injury lawyer will inform you of better options to ensure your health and well-being in the future. Keep in mind that the money being offered to you right now may be enough to pay your hospital bills, but if you need further treatment or therapy, you will need more than currently offered.  

They Can Maximize Compensation

Most personal injury lawsuits end in settlement since they are less stressful and will not require personal injury victims to spend days or even months in a courtroom. A study shows that over 90 percent of all lawsuits settle out of court. After filing a personal injury claim, the responsible party’s insurance or representative may bargain for lower compensation during settlement. A settlement is a common technique used by insurance companies, but a skilled personal injury attorney can counter that by advising you not to accept the initial offer. 

Your lawyer may also find ways to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible through legal means, including the cost of past, current, and future damages and future treatments and care. Your lawyer may advise you to meet with medical experts to get a detailed record of your injuries, and doing so can help your attorney calculate the highest compensation you deserve.

Accidents can happen to anyone, but if injured due to someone’s carelessness or neglect, then you should take action to get compensation as soon as you can. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer’s number on your speed dial can be advantageous, so choose a qualified attorney to help you achieve a favorable settlement.