Why Rack Spacers Are So Important for Any Warehouse

Why Rack Spacers Are So Important for Any Warehouse

When it comes to pallet racking systems, rack spacers are very popular for use in any warehouse. These accessories provide stability and safety to your racking systems in a way that’s indispensable. They make your warehouse more uniform and reserve space for larger loads. Here are the main reasons why rack spacers are so important for any warehouse.

What Are Pallet Rack Row Spacers?

Pallet rack row spacers are some of the most popular racking system accessories because they enable you to place your racks an even distance apart. This means you can create a uniform look within your warehouse environment. Furthermore, they stabilize the pallet racks within the storage system while ensuring you have enough flue space to satisfy warehouse guidelines.

Why Is Flue Space Important?

When the valuable space between pallet rack rows is left empty, money gets wasted. Row spacers ensure that you can maintain adequate flue space while still using the maximum amount of space possible. Here are some of the reasons why using flue space is important:

  • You avoid hefty fines from warehouse safety commissions.
  • They create areas that allow water to reach the floor in case of fire.
  • They diminish the chances of a total warehouse fire when help is called in time.

How Many Row Spacers Should You Use?

Typically, the question of how many row spacers to use depends on the size of the warehouse. Always consult with an expert in the laws of warehouse racking construction. These experts will help you plan your racking and give you advice on how accessories will affect the safety and viability of the shelving.

We hope this article has helped inform you why rack spacers are so important for any warehouse. By implementing these accessories into your racking systems, your wares will be stable and safe.