3 Of The Main Benefits Of Giving To Charity


Pittsburgh was recently called the “most generous” city by Charity Navigator, but there is still a clear need for more charity work. A third of the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh still have poor quality schools, and the costs of education, housing and child care continue to rise.

If you want to embrace the Pittsburgh giving spirit, there are lots of reasons to do so, from compassion to the possibility of tax deductions. If you are thinking about giving to a local charity, here are three reasons to do just that (just make sure that you do your research before you choose a charity).

Here are three of the main benefits of giving to causes that need your financial assistance.

You Will Receive A Tax Deduction

One great advantage of giving to an IRS approved charity is that you can write off the donations when you do your tax return. There are a few restrictions that apply to these donations though, so you should check out the IRS before choosing a charity and a time to donate.

Giving To Local Charities Benefits The Community

Lots of people and businesses choose to give to local charities as this means that they get to see the results of their donation. Smaller local charities tend to receive less donations, so your donation can make a real difference, and it means that your community will benefit from the results. For instance, entrepreneur Jason A Sugarman supports the Fullerton Technology Foundation in California, and over the last few years he has managed to raise millions for the college. If you would like to donate to a local charity, there are lots of charities to choose from in Pittsburgh – and if you want, you will be able to volunteer as well!

You Will Be Happier

Giving to charity, such as We Charity, doesn’t just benefit the world and your bank; it can also improve your life satisfaction levels and make you happier. A German study recently found that people who give to others have higher life satisfaction than people who don’t, so if you want to feel a little happier a charitable donation is a good idea! This is a very simple, compassionate way to be a happier person.

There are lots of benefits to giving to charity, especially if you choose a local charity in Pittsburgh. Smaller charities could always do with support from people, and as they are smaller it is likely that your frequent donations won’t go unnoticed. It is also definitely a huge benefit that you can receive tax deductions from your charity donations – and this definitely shows that helping others can benefit you, too.