3 Ways to Volunteer at Your Child’s School

Engaging with your child’s school beyond asking them how their day was and looking over their homework has several benefits. You can learn more about your child, get to know their teachers, and feel good about serving your community. Given these and other benefits, you may be wondering how to get involved. If so, here are three ways to volunteer at your child’s school.

Participate in the Parent Teacher Organization

One way you can volunteer at your kid’s school is by attending and participating in PTO meetings. Like school board meetings, these venues give you a chance to voice or support any concerns. If you’d like to be more involved, join the PTO board. If you see a need, this would allow you to propose planning a school supply drive or similar event to raise money or support a cause.

Offer Your Time for Special Events

If you don’t have time to be on the PTO board, you can commit what time you do have to helping special events. To support the PTO in a different way, you can offer your baking skills and prepare something for a bake sale. That and helping at an after-school sports function are good options for working parents that cannot commit their days to volunteering. If you do have free days, though, offer to chaperone an upcoming field trip. Especially for younger grades, field trips are chaotic events for teachers, so your help would be much appreciated. 

Help in the Classroom

Another daytime volunteering option is to involve yourself in the classroom. You can communicate with your child’s teacher that you’re willing to assist with more involved class activities, such as an art project. Consider offering your skills to the school, too—the only limit to your inclusion is your creativity and the school’s willingness to have you. It’s common for parents to talk to high school students about their career paths or create advocacy groups for a cause they care about; these are options that can make a lasting impact.