4 Things You Should Consider Before Adding a Steel Garage to Your Property

If you need a new garage, it is reasonable to immediately consider installing a steel garage. They’re relatively cheap. They can be put up rather quickly. They are strong, durable and can resist everything from earthquakes to wildfires. However, there are mistakes people often make that cause them to regret their decision in one way or another. Here are four things you should consider before adding a steel garage to your property.

The Local Building Code and Permitting Process

You need the right permits before you start building, and that may come with a price tag. You’ll always need a permit to connect the garage to water and electricity. Do your research and consider expert advice before you order the building because it must meet the local building code. You don’t want to have to pay to modify your new garage because it violates some building ordinance. If it fails inspection, you may not have to tear it down and redo it right away, but you won’t be able to sell your home until it is fixed.

The Actual Size You Need

A common mistake people make when selecting a steel garage is buying something just slightly larger than the vehicles that will be housed in them. Then there isn’t room for both the vehicle and everything else they may want to store in the garage. Take your future needs into account before you select the building. For example, if you own one car but are considering a second vehicle, go ahead and install a two-car garage. Know that it is always cheaper to build something a little larger than you need than to add on later.

A less common mistake is buying a garage that turns out to be too small for the vehicle. For example, exterior measurements are somewhat larger than the interior measurements. Furthermore, you need a certain amount of space around the vehicle simply to get out and walk around it. Another example of this mistake is buying a garage that barely holds your current car but cannot handle a larger model.

The Manufacturer Behind the Garage

Not all steel garages are high-quality products that are straightforward for you or your contractor to assemble, whether they ship kits missing parts or don’t take the time to drill holes and cut corners so they line up perfectly. This is why you want to research the reputation of the manufacturer before you select a product based on price or design. Reputable manufacturers like Armstrong Steel will deliver high-quality products and provide support to customers with questions during the installation process. Better yet, they offer services that simplify things for their customers such as steel buildings in a variety of colors.


Take the time to think about the way the steel garage compares to the current look of your home. This is, after all, your garage. It should complement the house. Try to match the roof and windows in the current house. Ideally, the garage should match or complement the color and finish of the house. Fail to do this and the additional building will hurt your home’s value instead of increase it.


Steel garage kits are an increasingly popular choice. However, you need to take all of the major factors into account to be happy with the end result.

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