5 Highest-Paying Jobs in Sports Medicine 

Sports medicine physicians and health professionals work with athletes of various levels. From teens at the start of their athletic journey to world-class athletes performing at the top of their respective fields. Their purpose is to diagnose and treat sports-related injuries as well as offer guidance to prevent them in the future. With so many specialties within the sports medicine field to consider, knowing the salary expectations is a great place to start your career path research.

Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician


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When you think about a lucrative sports medicine salary, then a primary care medicine physician should be the first thing that comes to mind. The base rate of pay for this physician type is around $250k per year. These medical professionals work with athletes to ensure preventative care ahead of their participation as well as monitor rehab and recovery post-injury. Their main goal is to help an athlete maintain their health and fitness to prevent serious injuries.

Sports Team Physician

The more glamorous positions within this field are held by sports team physicians. They can earn a starting wage of $220k per year but often earn much more. This type of medical professional will care for the needs of a whole team as opposed to an individual player. This may mean group checkups, targeted rehab, pain, and medication management, and more. Team sports physicians will also work with nutritionists and sports psychologists to generate an overall treatment plan that meets the needs and goals of each team under their care.

Private Sports Medicine Physician

There are some advantages to becoming a private healthcare provider. Aside from setting your own hours, a private sports medicine physician also is able to rake in the big bucks. They can earn anywhere from $190k to $275k per year in a private practice. These specialists will often treat a limited number of athletes within their private practice. This allows for a higher level of customized care as well as more intensive treatment plans. Private sports medicine physicians may also treat sports-related injuries from private citizens not connected to a professional team.

Sports Psychologist

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There are a lot of different specialists who work with athletes, and one of those is a sports psychologist. They work with athletes to help treat some of the psychological complications that come with sports injuries. There are a lot of fitness myths out there, one of which is that physical fitness equals positive mental health. These professionals earn between $90k and $150k per year just to help maintain the mental aspect that comes with the rigors of athletic training and rehabilitation.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Unfortunately, there are some injuries that require surgical intervention. An orthopedic surgeon that specializes in sports-related injuries will attend to such cases. They will help treat tendons, bones, ligaments, and muscles that may have been damaged as a result of athletic participation. They earn a minimum of $250k per year but often will earn much more.

Plan Your Career Path With Confidence

Sports medicine is an exciting career path with a variety of lucrative options to consider. As a sports medicine professional, you will have the opportunity to work with athletes of all ages, levels, and skill sets. The list above is only a small selection of some of the top-paying jobs in the sports medicine sector, however, there are several more options worth considering.

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