5 Ideas to Renovate Your Living Room After A Carpet Removal

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There’s no better time to consider a renovation of your living room than after carpet removal. As the carpet is removed, you most likely also have your furniture removed to a temporary place. Your living room is empty and a blank canvas for new ideas to freshen up the most important place in your entire house. 

Go open plan

Traditionally, your living room is a room for itself right next to your kitchen. But what if you removed the wall joining your kitchen and your living room? It won’t only let in more light into your living room, but you could finally also set up that kitchen island you always dreamt of. Or a bar as a joint between your kitchen and living room area. Alternatively, you could join these two spaces with a half-wall or pillars and columns to make it a more open-plan layout, but have them separated simultaneously. 

However, make sure it’s a non-bearing wall you consider removing, or you’re going to end up in a lot more mess than needed. Imagine cooking up a great meal for guests while you could still entertain them in the living room. Or serve an aperitif at your new bar as you prepare the salad and the plates. If you’ve got a library next to your living room, you could join those two rooms for an open plan layout and just slightly separate those two rooms with some bookshelves. 

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Add more windows

Have you ever dreamt of having those french doors, giving you that fantastic year-round view into your garden? Now is undoubtedly the time. Your living room is empty for the time being anyway. A little more dust from finally getting french doors or a few additional windows for the panoramic view of your garden or skyline won’t make much difference at this step. If your windows are a little on the older side, you may want to change them anyway as they might be drafty. It’s also going to save you a lot of money for energy bills to add new triple insulated windows.

As your living room is about living, it should allow in as much natural light as possible. It allows you to read longer than a new book you just got before you have to switch on any lights. You could add some rectangular windows below the ceiling to let more light in if you’ve got nosy neighbors. Or you could add a top to bottom window and attach a greenhouse on that front. It will give you some extra warmth in your living room with the power of passive solar heating. Plus, you’ll have a fantastic view right into the green all year, even if there’s snow outside.

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Get the paint buckets.

It’s certainly been a while since you last gave your living room a new coat of paint. Bare white walls are dull and a tad impersonal. Use the magic of colors and turn your living room into that cozy oasis you never want to leave. Try to choose a color palette with complementary colors for your color scheme. 

If you have dark furniture, you should stick to light colors, such as creamy white, pale yellow, or even light blue. Warm colors such as red and yellow will give your living room a more cordial general atmosphere. Cold colors, such as blue tones, tend to give your room a cold feeling. But you can use some blue colors for a maritime sense in your living room. 

Should you have light wooden furniture and a beige or creamy white sofa, you can go bold on your walls. Feel free to use darker colors such as dark purple or crimson to give your living room a well-balanced effect as you work with colors opposing each other. However, it’s also one of the trends of 2021 to paint walls with bold and dark colors although you’ve got dark furniture. It can give your living room a cozy vibe like a cave in which you’ll feel protected no matter what. 

You could also opt for photographic wallpaper on the focal wall in your living room behind your sofa. Use a color palette with colors in the wallpaper in lighter tones for the other divisions of your living room. If you chose a photographic wallpaper with a forest, you could use lighter shades of green for the other walls. 

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Bring nature inside your living room

Having a piece of nature in your living room is not only going to make it more vibrant. Plants provide you with fresh oxygen in your home and have a relaxing effect. Consider placing a few larger palm trees in your living room. Alternatively, you could also install a so-called living wall. It’s one variety of vertical planting, and you can practically add any smaller plants you may desire. You could even grow strawberries, herbs, and some salad in your living wall or keep it plain with succulents and fern. It is entirely up to you which plants you may go for. 

Natural materials

With more plants and more nature in your living room, you could complete the look with some natural materials. Place larger plants into lined baskets to give it an all-natural look. Decorate your living room with more wooden and jute fabrics. Use curtains made of fine linen to add even more natural materials, or use window shades made of bamboo. Don’t forget that cozy fur carpet in the focal area of your living room to make it even more relaxing. Collect some branches in the woods you can turn into curtain poles or attach some ceiling lights to it. If you’re incredibly crafty, you could turn a stump or larger driftwood pieces as a base for your new side or coffee table. You’d only have to add a glass top, and you’ll have the most natural, unique coffee table you could ever imagine.

Final Thoughts 

If you can follow some of the ideas above, you’ll notice a big difference in your living space. Remember that renovation of your personal space doesn’t stop with clearing out old stuff alone, go the extra mile to make the house truly yours.

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