7 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Grandparent’s Vintage Watch


A timepiece can be timeless when it is being passed on from generation to another. A watch can outlast the time it carries on its form if given proper care or if it was deliberately created with high durability. Many exquisite watches both in the past decades and in recent years were designed to stand the test of time and season. Some were even produced with resilience to water like the omega seamaster.

So if you have inherited a vintage watch that is resilient enough to be passed to you from your grandparents, you have in your hands a complete treasure so do not ever think of putting it on the cupboard. You definitely do not have any reason to put a vintage watch away because one can determine its value on different terms. First, on the emotions and stories associating the watch and lastly, its real material worth which is highly expensive. It can make you a fair amount of money. But before you hastily grab the watch and sell it, there are just simple things you should look into.

Know Its History

The beauty of vintage and antique materials is not grounded on its design alone, it is also considered highly costly because of the history attached to it. This kind of item allows a sense of connection to past events. This is primarily important especially if the vintage watch was given to you by someone very close to you like your grandparents. You need to know the real stories behind the watch that was given to you. Ask someone from your lineage significant questions that will allow you to look deeper at the watch you now have. Know when was it bought or manufactured. Identify who from your family already owned it before. Know why it was being preserved. Allow your parents or other relatives to tell you remarkable events with this dear watch of your grandparents. 

When you find all the necessary details about the watch, keep a record of it. This is not only to keep the memories as you will try to sell it but some of these details can be used when you finally find a buyer. It will be best if you can secure documents of the watch containing for future use.

Upon finding out about the stories behind the timepiece that you got, you will now appreciate it better. Therefore, you will not settle for petty transactions. As the owner of the watch, you must be the first one to see its momentous and vintage value so you can easily tell its story and sell it.

Evaluate The Ticking

What is essentially important to most people is the quality of something they have. You would never want to promote a product that will disappoint them. You need to make sure that every single fragment of the watch is working to be used for its original purpose which is to show time. Check on the watch and look at any apparent scratch and try to do something about it. The watch must be at its best when you present it. Make it shine as spotless as you can. 

Since what you have is a vintage timepiece, it might have been left undusted for the past years. This would be the perfect time to look closer at the watch and evaluate its intricate designs which you can save for future description. You were aware of its vivid story, you must also be aware of its tangible qualities. After all, you are expected to understand the watch better than anyone.

Seek The Right Person

When it is true that many may be amused with vintage watches only a few people can truly tell you some principal aspects regarding a specific watch. If you consider the need to consult experts on vintage watches to assure the quality and value of the watch that you have, that is certainly a wise decision. It will give you legitimate reviews on the watch. Moreover, these people may give you advice on professional matters so you can sell the watch to its maximum potential.

You cannot just trust anyone regarding this timepiece, you need factual data to be able to sell it with transparency. Selling vintage products is twice as difficult as selling present-day materials since it demands reliability. The best way to prove the authenticity of your watch is to have the right person back it up. 

Understand its Worth

Basically, you cannot sell something which value you don’t know. This is why asking the right individual is important. But if you cannot afford to consult an expert, you can try to check about the watch online. There are watch retailers online that you can discuss with regarding your vintage watch. It is a lot easier now to gain knowledge about a certain material with the advent of digital information. 

You need to make sure that you know the real value of the watch. The value of vintage watches is not something one can easily estimate. One must be needing some time to fully know its worth. Just make sure you do not sell it too cheap or too costly. Either of which will impede you to successfully sell it.

Consider The Collectors

It is true that selling a vintage watch will be quite hard but knowing to whom you can sell it will make the task is an advantage. The vintage watch collectors must be on the top of your list when you consider your potential buyers. They are in constant watch for impressive watches so they will most likely buy your timepiece. 

Various watch collectors are emerging online which makes it simpler to acknowledge and follow them. Since they are collectors, they knew a lot about watches so always prepare your watch as charming as possible. 

Take Good Photos

You would want to take the best photo of your little treasure before it becomes an actual money. Make sure that the best angle of the watch is the focus of your photograph without disregarding other details that your potential buyers might want to see. Present your watch in a photo as you would present it to a buyer. 

Taking good photos will be usual for some as it is the trend in the current generation but you can always ask for help if you are not confident doing it yourself. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, you can even use your smartphone in taking a picture. You capture it as many times as you can and then pick the best out of it. You’ll be thankful you did many shots.

Display It Online

Maximize your online platforms. You will not take photos for no reason. Use these to present the vintage watch online. Utilize any available site to display your watch including Facebook and Instagram. Present it creatively. Add your caption and never forget important details regarding the watch to engage people. 

Focus on the most interesting quality of your grandparent’s timepiece. Use everything you have learned regarding the watch. Show it as you know it. Never forget to add your contact information in case someone would seek to ask further questions. When they ask, it means that they are interested so provide necessary answers. Try to think of probable questions they may ask you beforehand.