Choosing a Home Inspection Company on Maui Island


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Buying a home is a great achievement and is definitely worth celebrating. After all, the cost of homes nowadays is so high that many people give up the dream of owning one. However, once you are able to buy one, it isn’t all smooth sailing moving forward. Many homes have been lost to incidents like a fire caused by faulty wiring or a gas leak. Usually, these incidents could have been completely avoided if regular home inspections had been carried out. 

As with most things, maintenance is the key to keeping things we buy or build in a peak state. With proper maintenance things last as long as they should and remain in an optimum working state. Buildings are no different. There are numerous parts in a building that should be inspected regularly to preserve its value and keep it market-ready. 

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination of many different components or parts of the home. While it is true that they are mostly associated with buying and selling of properties, anyone can have them done regardless. It usually takes a few hours but really, how long it takes depends on the size of the property. 

Home inspections are done by trained and certified professionals who have the license to operate. They are done from the ground up, that is, from the foundation to the roof. In clearer terms, everywhere that can be safely inspected is checked thoroughly. These often include heat, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) equipment, plumbing, electrical wiring, and so on.  Visit to learn more about HVAC systems. 

Once the inspection is done, the inspector provides a detailed report of his findings. After going through the report, the buyer or seller can make a more informed decision on the property in question. Two things are worthy of note when it comes to home inspections. 

One, the property should have been prepared for the exercise before the inspector arrives. That is, things like furniture that may make certain places inaccessible should have been taken out of the way. Two, the inspector only reports on the state of the building at the time of the inspection. So, don’t expect to find information like the life expectancy of a system, or a prediction on the future condition of a component to be present in the report. 

Whatever you choose to make of the report is entirely up to you. That said, there are some companies that would happily advise you on how to fix certain faults if any are found after the exercise. 

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Description automatically generatedThe Following are checked during a home inspection:

  • Structure: This entails the overall structure of the building. The inspector will check the foundation of the building, as well as the exterior walls to ensure no parts of the building are slanting or loose in any way. 
  • Exterior: This covers the drainage of the property, the roof, walkways, steps, fencing, driveways, patios, and so on. Most of the exterior inspection is focused on the drainage of the home. Click here to learn more about the importance of a good drainage system. 
  • Interior: This part of the exercise covers everything that is found within the walls of the building. These include ceilings, floors, walls, chimneys, and so on. They look for faults like cracks, loose plaster, or damaged fixtures. 
  • Plumbing: Covers kitchen and bathroom fixtures and the home’s water heating system. 
  • Electrical: Includes every electrical component of the building including major appliances, electrical sockets, and light fixtures. 

How to find a Good Home Inspection Company

A home inspection is usually done by the buyer of a property after the seller has agreed to their offer. Once the buyer’s offer is accepted, they’ll have between 30 or 60 days to close the deal. It is within this time that the exercise is carried out. 

Finding a good inspection company may be easier than you think. One way to start is by asking friends and family for recommendations. But if you prefer finding one on you own, you can always run a Google search. For instance, if the home you’re looking to buy is on Maui Island, a search online can be very helpful. A simple search like a home inspection company on Maui can be a great start. You may also seek help from your real estate agent.

Final Thoughts

Some people confuse home inspection for appraisal; however, they are both different. Appraisals are ordered by lenders while inspections are ordered by the buyers of properties. Also, the purpose of an appraisal is to determine the value of a property, while an inspection is done to know the condition of a property. 

Finally, the cost of property inspections varies depending on factors like the company’s reputation and the size of the property. That said, most cost between $279 and $399, according to Business Insider.