Dress Or Top In Need of Invisible Support? Boob Tape To The Rescue!

As a woman, thinking about our undergarments is just second nature. We cannot just throw on any pair of underwear and bra and call it a day. There are panty lines and bra straps to consider, among so many other considerations. Strappy tanks, back baring dresses or halters, and plunging necklines can sometimes make a regular bra impossible to wear. There are those among us who can go bra-free. For the majority of us, we need support for the girls. What is the answer when we need invisible support under dresses or tops? Boob tape! Boob tape can make any outfit a possibility. There are so many great features of boob tape that make it a must for your wardrobe. We will talk a bit below about one of my personal favorites, BoobHold tape, and how it makes any impossible dress or top possible.

Your Boob’s Superhero

No cape is needed here, because we have boob tape! Boob tape has come a long way. Now there are brands out there that are comfortable, supportive, and work seamlessly with every kind of outfit you can imagine. I have tried several brands, and my favorite by far is BoobHold tape. They offer a set of products that has an option for everyone. Available in black and four different skin tone shades, they appear invisible under clothing. They designed their tape to work with any bust size. Whether you are an A or a G, their tape will work for you. Their powerful adhesive that is also gentle was a game-changer for me as a woman with larger breasts. It is easy for a tape to work on someone with not much to hold up. I was pleasantly surprised when BoobHold tape was easy to apply, held the girls up all night, and removed painlessly. That is a triple win right there!

Boob Tape’s Supernatural Superpowers

There are several things about boob tape that I think of as superpowers. Are they supernatural? Probably not! That may have been a slight exaggeration. The results you will be able to achieve with BoobHold tape are pretty out of this world. Of the several products I have tried, BoobHold is my favorite for several reasons. You can purchase tape, self-stick bras, and nipple covers from their website. I highly recommend purchasing the package that includes the nipple covers. They aren’t required, but in my opinion, they make wearing the tape for long periods much more comfortable. Nipple covers also make the removal a lot more comfortable. Their tape comes in 16-foot rolls. The rolls allow you to cut custom-length strips. The ability to customize strip length is crucial because depending on your breast size and the kind of dress or top you are wearing, you will need varying lengths of tape. BoobHold tapeis also hypoallergenic and 100% latex-free. As a woman with sensitive skin, I appreciate this. The wrong brand of sunscreen can cause my skin to go haywire, and in the past, different brands of boob tape have resulted in awful skin reactions. That has not been the case with their brand.

Up, Up and Away!

When the girls need a lift in your next dress or top, give boob tape a try. Let it become your wardrobe superhero. There are great options available and so many tutorials out there on proper application. If you are looking for a brand with comfort, support, easy applications, and pain-free removal, take a look at BoobHold. They are the best I have tried. I am telling you, what their tape does for boobs is superhero status!

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