Eharmony and Match Are Still The Best Dating Sites to Find Marriage

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Online dating can be a pain in the butt. Most people in online dating apps and websites, like Tinder, are not really sure about what they are looking for. They say “I’m just looking to make friends” or “I’m not interested in dating anyone at the moment” leaving us with a simple yet understandable question: 

Why download the app, then?

That, along with several problems discussed over heremakes online dating a little bit of a challenge.

Of course, you may have guessed that most people are looking for fun. At least, most of the time. Hook up with someone, have dinner, maybe a one-night stand, then be on their ways. Some people are tired of that formula and want to find someone to build something new, something that requires more compromise, foreshadowing a future by someone else’s side.

That’s when Eharmony and Match enter the play. They are legit online dating websites with most of the people wanting to find someone for a potential relationship. This makes it a perfect choice for people looking for marriage.

What makes them great dating websites, even after so much time?

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Match is over 25 years now, but it continues to be one of the best online dating websites around. It’s a little less marriage-focused than Eharmony, though, but both are great options. At least, opposite to the usual hookup websites like Tinder.

Why would you wanna try these two dating websites? Well, if you are tired of losing contact with someone after a date, and really want to focus on people a little bit more compromised than usual, they are the best choices for you.

What’s so good about Match?

When it comes to Match, creating a profile is quite easy. Of course, it is not as simple as other websites where you only have to input minimal information. If you are looking for a serious relationship, though, you’ll thank it’s level of deepness. 

You’ll be answering questions related to your looks, beliefs, hobbies, and whether you drink or smoke. It gives you a wide range of information to share and read from people. This part is essential because of how Match wants you to find someone compatible with you, not just someone to date with but to enjoy as you get to know each other.

One of Match’s features is that you can specify what you are looking for. Like, choose from a list of personality traits that you want in a partner, then look for someone with these traits. This makes the process a little simpler and more effective. Match understands how important is to find someone somewhat similar to what you are looking for.

Of course, it is not like you are going to find your fated princess in a tower or your blue prince in a white horse. Online dating takes time, effort, and lots of patience. A friend of mine spent 8 months using online dating apps to fin his current girlfriend. It is incredible how a couple formed by an online dating app has been together for more than two years now and is doing completely fine. They are just adorable!

What about Eharmony?

Eharmony is highly recommended for people looking to settle down. A good thing about Eharmony is that it is rather straightforward when it comes to meeting people. You also have the option to filter what you are looking for, but as I said earlier, most of the people using this website look for a serious relationship.

Of course, this means there are a lot of things to consider. Since most people using Eharmony look for a serious relationship, that means they’ll try to find people compatible with their lifestyle, beliefs, hobbies, and interests. Even more than with other online websites, like Match.

You have to know what you are looking for before starting with the online dating voyage and understand that it may take time.

Here’s a little comparison of both websites:

Prices and Features.

Both sides work with a match feature. Similar to Tinder, you’ll get matches as you look for potential partners. 

Match, unlike Tinder, shows a lot of information related to the persons you are browsing. This makes it easier to check if a person is compatible with you or not, and less overwhelming. Match, however, allows you to chat with people right away, or get messages from people, making it more direct than Tinder.

Eharmony, in the other case, allows you to check even more information from people who’s at least 90% compatible with your profile. This lets you check even more data about them, like how much emotional intimacy they are looking for, their social values, intellect, etc. Once you match, you’ll be able to talk with the person you matched with.

Talking about prices, Match costs:

  • One month: $35.99
  • Three months: $19.99/month
  • Six months: $17.99/month
  • 12 months: $15.99/month

Eharmony, on the other hand, costs:

  • Standard Lite — three-month plan for $56.95/mo
  • Premium Plus — six-month plan for $41.95/mo
  • Premium Extra — one-year plan for $28.95/mo

Both have their free versions but are kind of useless if you use them without paying. Eharmony can be a little pricey, too, but it’s definitely worth it if you are looking for a serious relationship. People invest in the premium features to get faster results, in both Match and Eharmony and is actually recommended.

Online Dating Still Requires Effort.

If you are used to online dating websites and apps, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not always the best of the experiences. You have to get better at it to enjoy its privileges. Understand how it works. Improve yourself and your social skills. And know how to sell yourself as a human being.

Summarizing: you gotta get good.

If you want to get the most out of online dating, you’ll have to understand how it works. You’ll have to learn how to post pictures of yourself, other than selfies. You have to be honest about who you are, too, if you really want to find someone that’d show interest in you as a person. 

There are other pieces of advice to follow, but for that, you’ll absolutely need a guide for beginners to online dating

Before I go, there’s something you need to understand: The most important advice to follow is not to get discouraged. You’ll meet a lot of people, and most of them won’t be what you are looking for. 

Hell, if you are like me, you may as well not even get to go on a date with anyone even after 2 months. But you have to be patient, and understand that that’s how it works. Take your time if you are looking for someone to share yourself with. You’ll appreciate it once you find that special someone. 

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