Event Ideas for PTO Fundraisers

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Asking for money is not the easiest thing for a school’s PTO organization to do. People have many other expenses they’re paying attention to, and they’re not really looking for somewhere else their money can go. That’s why you have to drive home the mission of your program with an inventive idea to support students. If you’re a stumped PTO parent, here are some event ideas for PTO fundraisers that would be exciting and encourage giving.

Junk a Car for the Shop Department

While this and other ideas can help fund students’ general needs, you could junk a car and give the funds specifically to the shop department (assuming your school has one! If not, the proceeds can always be donated to another department). You can ask area used car dealerships if they’d be willing to donate a car, and then make sure all the fluids are removed beforehand. Then you can give paying participants proper safety attire and let them whack away with a hammer for a couple of minutes. People are sure to love destroying something for a cause. This can give an automotive teacher the money to buy more expensive but necessary supplies they need.

An Auction for the Arts

Auctioning off student-made art pieces in a fancy art show is a creative way to generate funds. This builds up the self-esteem of student-artists and has the possibility of getting you a solid chunk of change as people bid. And these funds can be used to supply different art classes and programs in the future.

A Concert for the Music Department

Putting on a concert is another solid event idea for a PTO fundraiser. You can invite a popular local band, or you can even invite the school band to perform. You can decide whether you want to charge for admission or sell food at intermission, but either strategy would earn money for the music department. This money can be used to buy new or replacement instruments for students.

Start a Drive for Needy Students

And if you have a more specific need and don’t necessarily want to fundraise, you can ask for specific donations rather than money. This is always a good option, as it provides parents with an easy way to donate essential items, such as bulk backpacks, directly to the school. There are many more wholesale products you can suggest in order to fill your school’s needs as well.

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