Foster Connection: The Best Places for Work Retreats


If you want a better business, then you need to have employees that love the business. It’s simple—if you have a team that works well together, your business will prosper. Whether you run a huge company or a five-women business, this rule hits the mark. One way to get employees more invested in your company is to invest more time and care into your employees. A great way to do just that, and delve deeper into your business’ values, is with a corporate retreat. We provide a few of the best places for work retreats around the world. You’ll never see your employees more engaged!

Alsace, France

La Clairière

If you can swing it, a corporate retreat to France will provide something unforgettable. A beautiful place to visit in general, Alsace makes for the perfect destination no matter your business. For years, people have turned to la Clairière for wellbeing seminars aimed at corporate guests. They have a Challenge Course right on the property that urges guests to take mental and emotional risks. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you want to create a deeper connection between employees.

Scottsdale, Arizona

The Phoenician

Many resorts want to hop on the retreat bandwagon, but we chose The Phoenician for its ability to make its guests feel right at home. Their activities range from off-road excursions to river floating and team orienteering. It’s a great spot for big or small businesses, whether they’re uber corporate or wellness focused—there’s something for everyone.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort

In general, Los Cabos is a spirited location for everything, from honeymoons to corporate retreats. If your company needs an escape from the cold, head to Los Cabos for dynamic outdoor team building and goal setting. No matter what resort you choose, you’ll find so many ways to bond and grow as a company. We love Pueblo Bonito for its “secluded” location that can hold up to 800 people in each specific spot in the resort.

Mount Waddington, British Columbia

Nimmo Bay

We love Canada for its stunning versatility—if you want a city retreat, you can have it here. If you want a complete escape from the outside world, you can also have it here. People from all around the world head to this country for that reason specifically, and Nimmo Bay is one of the most popular spots. Located at the bottom of Mount Waddington, your company can choose from gorgeous intertidal cabins or mesmerizing forest cabins. They’ll take care of you and your company, and you’ll leave feeling more connected and refreshed than ever before.

Bali, Indonesia

Como Uma Ubud

You’ve probably seen the breathtaking photos of Bali that showcase the area’s immense natural beauty. Surrounded by natural forests, rice paddies, and an artisan town, your company will get to breathe in fresh air and exhale complete calm. This is definitely the place for smaller companies who want to understand each other on another level.