Healthy Pleasure: 7 Benefits of Sex For Your Mental Health

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Usually, some people don’t dig more about sex. As long as it feels pleasurable, they’re good about it. However, some people are more skeptical about it, curious about how our body is influenced by this pleasurable practice, especially with its different benefits.

During sex, the external sensations emitted by the body transmit signals to the brain from the nerves. If that happens, the responses to it will produce substances that make the sex feel very pleasurable. That’s how the body and brain react to this activity. It also answers the question as to why having sex feels so good.

However, that’s only one of many explanations about how sex works and what its benefits are to our body in general, especially when it comes to our mental health. If you’re up to know what these benefits are for your mental health, take a read what’s mentioned below.

It Can Widen Your Imagination 

There’s a lot of ways to satisfy someone when it comes to sex. For some,  they prefer to use different sex toys with partners, such as dildos, butt plugs, and vibratos.  Many curious individuals can buy these from various online websites, such as Bellesa Boutique, that offer different types of toys people can try out. Also, others have fetishes, too. Their sexual desire and excitement are not ordinary and can come from any object or stimulation, such as a person’s foot and BDSM.

Moreover, since great sex requires the wildest imagination, it will also help you increase your libido. It involves setting your mood, emotions, and mind to increase your arousal. So, the desire to imagine things about having sex with your partner can be good for your mental wellbeing.

With that said, your body not only functions when you try to be imaginative in sex but your mental state as well. Upon doing this, your brain operates a variety of significant roles that are very beneficial for you. One of these is that it can deliver more neurons to your brain. Meaning, it is not only beneficial for the body, but it can also greatly boost your memory, increase concentration, and burnish your mind.

It Helps Improve Your Mood

The brain generates specific substances during sexual intercourse, which contributes to the usual feelings and emotions during sex, such as satisfaction, euphoria, and pleasure. Also, other hormones, such as oxytocin and endorphins, will momentarily improve your mood and even alleviate your lousy feeling.

These hormones’ effect and the enjoyment involved with it will last for hours, or even days, making you enjoy the benefits of sexual activity even until it’s done. With that, it will give you a good mood throughout your day without bothering so much with anything. Moreover, not only can it help improve your mood, but it will also condition your mental state, which is very beneficial for your mental health.

It Can Increase Your Motivation 

The mind operates tirelessly to produce various hormones and neurochemicals during sex. Hormones like dopamine are responsible for having feelings of enjoyment, desire, and especially motivation.

Such emotions can only be achieved when you have sex due to the release of these hormones. However, being motivated through sex, in particular, implies that it can clear your mind. It is essential because it is beneficial for your mental health. 

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Can Momentarily Reduce

If you’re experiencing anxiety attacks, discomfort hormones released from the brain can trigger other problems as well. This can intensify the occurrence of health issues such as headaches, blurred vision, and especially depression. But sex can reduce the symptom of it, which can be very helpful for your mental health.

However, it is important to note that there’s no basis that sex is the “real treatment” for anxiety or depression. Manifestations of both mental health conditions can momentarily be diminished by chemicals and hormones produced during sex. This can improve mood, increase understanding, and help your partner connect with you.

It Gives You Better Sleep

Sleep plays a significant role, not just in your physical wellbeing but also in your mental health. If you have a hard time having a good sleep, sleep deprivation will make you feel grumpy and tired in a brief period. It could also have significant long-term health implications that are not good for your mental health.

However, during an orgasm, the brain produces both oxytocin and endorphins. The blending of such hormones can function as sedation. It helps calm your mind and body, making it easier for you to have a good sleep. Although the sensation of having sex is good already, knowing that it actually helps you to have a good night’s sleep makes it sound better even more.

It Can Improve Your Memory Function

Brain activity inevitably decreases as you grow older, with your memories more prone to deterioration when you reach that stage. With that being said, it is helpful to know how your mental health can affect your memory, and luckily there are pleasurable activities you can do with your partner to enhance your memory, just like sex.

The hippocampus is a part of the brain that has an important role in forming new memories. During sex, new neurons are formed. Therefore, if you have a healthy sex life as you get older, it can help improve your memory even more, which contributes to an excellent effect on your mental health.

Sex Can Condition Your Mind

Specific hormones, such as endorphins, are responsible for certain functions. This hormone can calm your body and mind and make you feel relaxed for hours to come. When you are more relaxed, your mind is more conditioned. This can be achievable through sex, which is very beneficial to your mental health.


Many people often assume that sex is for pleasure only. However, if you try to scrutinize the underlying benefits of sex, you will be astonished. It is especially helpful for the wellbeing of one’s mental health. The benefits that are mentioned above are just a few of those. By having a healthy sex life, you will have a more relaxed and stable mind.