Home Warranty Benefits for Real Estate Agents

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To set up a home that sets itself apart from other homes and to increase its chances for a quick sale is why investing in a Home Warranty service is a preferred choice by real estate agents. A home warranty, also known as home protection, is something that adds a layer of extra protection to your newly constructed house. If you invest in a good home warranty, you will be able to add a valuable selling point for your house. 

Home warranty company reviews can help you know better about which company can offer you the best home warranty service. But first, you need to understand why a home warranty service is essential for real estate agents, buyers, and even sellers. 

Above anyone else, the one who gets the maximum benefit out of a home warranty is a real estate agent. So, to break it down for you in an easier way, this post will give you insights and learning about a home warranty, why real estate agents should invest in it, what it costs, and how it works and benefit everyone. 

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is a contract between the home buyer and the home warranty service providing company. Do not get confused with what a home warranty and home insurance is. 

When you buy a home warranty, it covers most of your home appliances, you improve the chances of hard-to-sell properties and attract buyers rapidly. 

Buyers are not eager to buy a house that requires multiple fixes and repairs. The home warranty helps release that stress as most of the repair costs get covered under the contract. 

How does a home warranty help a real estate agent?

When a real estate agent understands the meaning of a home warranty, their approach towards work, and their definition of success changes, a realtor can sell a home faster if it is covered under a home warranty. 

So, when you tell a potential buyer about the home warranty scheme, you give them a push to consider the house even if it was not their first choice. The home warranty will give the buyer assurance, and in return, promote your business and eventually generate more leads.

What does a home warranty cost? 

A real estate agent can start the process of buying a home warranty on the buyer’s behalf. The contract can cost you some hundred dollars annually. Or if the company has easy installment plans, you can enquire about them too. Factors like property age, square ft area, and others do not have much to do with the home warranty cost.

Generally, the home warranties charge service call fees which vary from $75 to $125.Remember that a home warranty does not mean that the buyer will not have to spend on the repairs of appliances and other amenities. It will be covered under a certain percentage of your expenditure but not everything.

How does a home warranty benefit everyone?

The Buyer, seller, and real estate agent all get benefits from the home warranty scheme. 

  • Buyer: Reduce the budget for costly repairs, reduce the time for finding registered service, and access to 24/7 repair services. 
  • Seller: It helps in building the confidence of buyers and reduces the expense of repairs and fixes. 
  • Agent: It improves their reputation and business opportunities. Also, customers achieve 100% satisfaction and do not hold the agents liable for damages, if any. 

If you wish to learn more about top home warranty companies in the United States, you can refer to home warranty company review for easy access.