How To Give Your Salon a Modern and Professional Look

Opening a salon is the perfect option for professionals in the beauty or fashion industry. Salons include venues where people get their hair cut or styled. Some salons offer hair removal, facials, tanning, massages, and manicures. Salons may also employ couturiers who create and sell tailored clothes.

Whether your salon offers multiple services or focuses solely on hair care or clothes, you must consider your salon’s look when establishing your business. Your venue’s look helps establish your brand and enables you to provide exceptional service to clientele. Let’s look at how to ensure your salon has a modern, professional look that will appeal to consumers.

Work with an interior designer.


Avoid missteps by employing an interior designer to create a design plan. Interior designers use colors, textures, lighting, and materials to create a cohesive look suited to the client’s desired design aesthetic. They consider the essential elements for the space and combine those features in a functional layout while emphasizing your design style. People without design knowledge may not understand the distinctions between contemporary, mid-century modern, and modern design. Interior designers know how to distinguish between traditional and modern and emphasize your design style with suitable flooring, lighting, paint, and wallpaper.

Invest in quality furniture.


Your furniture will significantly impact your business’s look. Turn to expert salon furniture suppliers for the essentials you need. Start with your reception area. Installing a sleek, modern reception desk sets the tone for your business because reception desks are near the entrance and one of the first things clients see when they enter your shop. Supplement your reception desk with comfortable chairs with a modern look and feel in your reception area.

You’ll need appropriate stations throughout your venue, enabling employees to serve clients. Suppose your establishing emphasizes hair care. You’ll need stations, mirrors, appliance holders, service trays, and carts. You’ll also need shampoo stations and hair dryers. Make a list of the essentials and choose a color scheme to ensure you create a cohesive look suited to your venue’s aesthetic. Your designer can help you select furniture, and since expert salon equipment retailers offer free shipping in the contiguous United States, it’s easy to choose optimal furniture online and have your furniture shipped right to your door.

Have a dress code for employees.


Introduce a dress code to ensure your employees look great and support your brand. Your dress code doesn’t have to be rigid and could be limited to the pants and shoes worn. Requiring employees to wear black jeans is an excellent option because black jeans look sleek and stylish and can be paired with tee shirts, blouses, and sweaters. There are also multiple jean styles to choose from, allowing your employees to choose between skinny jeans, black straight jeans, slim jeans, and bootcut jeans.

Footwear impacts your employees’ style, and it’s crucial for safety. You may require employees to wear closed-toe footwear to prevent injuries. Employees are more likely to experience significant injuries if they drop a curling iron on their feet while wearing open-toe sandals. Consult Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines to ensure your dress code supports a safe working environment.

Consider your exterior.


Potential consumers form an impression of your venue when they see your shop, so your shop’s exterior must reflect your brand and support the design style. Replacing heavy wooden doors with sleek glass doors is a great way to add a modern touch and allow passersby to see inside your shop. Instead of a hand-painted store sign, hire sign experts to create a sign that fits your aesthetic. Update door handles and other fixtures outside and inside your venue to complete your look.

An interior designer can create a modern, professional look for your salon. Invest in superb salon furniture, introduce a dress code, and update your salon’s exterior to ensure it reflects your design style.

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