How You Can Save Money Through A Vancouver Realtor

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With Vancouver real estate ranking in the top 10 of the most expensive cities to live in, naturally we all want to find ways to save money. Both the buying and the selling process involve various costs. Perhaps you’re wondering whether a Realtor Vancouver professional is a waste of money? In that case, you should look beyond the initial commission fee and consider the big picture because they can in fact, save you quite a bit of money.

How A Realtor Vancouver professional Saves you Money

  • Support network 
  • The right strategy 
  • Access to the right grants 
  • Strong negotiation potential

Support Network

There are so many things that need to happen when buying and selling a property. Either you need to spruce up your home to get it ready for viewings. Alternatively, perhaps you need to do some renovations?

Also, these days, unfortunately, there are many restrictions for open houses to help reduce the spread of covid 19. You might therefore need to work with professional virtual stagers to get your home ready for virtual tours and live streaming events. Either way, a Realtor Vancouver professional has all the relevant contacts such that you don’t have to do a huge search and you’ll probably get access to great deals.


Timing and pricing are the key components of a successful Vancouver real estate project. A Realtor Vancouver professional can clearly get this right for you because they know the market and the various trends. They can therefore get you all the latest updates on real estate listings and their deals. Furthermore, they’ll save you a huge amount of time and as we all know, time costs money.

Another way the right strategy can save you money is how it balances online and offline tools. For example, listing details for options to view properties can be professionally uploaded by a Realtor. In fact, for open houses, please note that open house restrictions may impact your strategy but an agent can maximise your cost versus impact.

Grants Information

Interestingly, some properties are eligible for a grant if they are worth a certain value. Although, you would first have to prove that you are in a low income bracket. Nevertheless, a Realtor Vancouver professional can help you through the process. Many property owners don’t necessarily think about these things which is where an agent brings a huge amount of value to the process.


Most of us get emotional when dealing with either selling or buying our homes. It’s only natural. Nevertheless, a Realtor Vancouver professional will stay professional and calm. Furthermore, they have the in-depth negotiation skills to get you the best value possible for your property. You’d be amazed at how much difference things can make whether you’re buying or selling.

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How to Maximise your Partnership with a Realtor Vancouver Professional

  • Interview several to find your match
  • Communicate your needs and goals
  • Agree your communication approach

Interview Agents

It might sound obvious but don’t fall for the first agent you talk to. You should make sure that you spend a bit of time doing some research and talking to a few different people. Not only should you get a feel for the person you’re going to work with but also what they can bring to the process. For example, ask about their track record and references. You can also compare agreement contracts to get a sense of their approach and of course, their fees.

It goes without saying though that before you interview anyone, you should first check your local public health websites. This is in case you need to follow any special restrictions to support your region to help reduce the spread of covid 19.

Needs and Goals

Not everyone knows exactly what they want before they launch into their Vancouver real estate project. Nevertheless, you can have an initial idea about what building type or requirements you need. Therefore, you’ll be in a position to be able to specify exact bedrooms, bathrooms you want. Also, location might be something on your mind including how many km away you want to be from things like restaurants and shops. The more you know then the more your agent can guide you and help you finalize your ‘wants’ list. 


A common source of frustration is communication so it’s worth asking your potential agent how they tend to share updates. You can then of course feedback how much or how little detail you’re interested in receiving. They’ll have a methodology they normally like to follow and you can compare this across agents that you’re interviewing. Regardless though, make sure that you feel comfortable with them such that you can be open and transparent. This will then set you up for a successful project.

Having said that, it’s not just about communication with you but also with the market. So for instance, to access your live streaming events, contact through your Realtor should be made easy for people. If truth be told, how people view properties virtually Realtor-led can make a huge impact on how quickly you sell your property.

Final Thoughts on Saving Money with a Realtor Vancouver professional

It’s true that Realtor Vancouver professionals rely on commission rates and whilst these can seem frustrating at first, they are there for a reason. Everyone deserves to be paid for a job well done, including real estate agents. There’s nothing stopping you from comparing the different rates of course. Although, remember that they also impact how motivated an agent will be to prioritize your project. It’s also worth considering the big pictures and how much an agent can actually save you throughout your whole buying or selling experience.