Increasing Body Confidence

There are many ways to increase your body confidence and starting now will get you off to a great start. Here are our top recommendations and tips to help you boost your confidence and take care of that body; nobody else will do it for you. Make sure you practice these often to keep your confidence level consistent and you will surely feel great about your body. 

Integrate more exercise into your routine

Exercise isn’t just beneficial for toning your body, it’s an amazing method to clear your mind. Gaining confidence is all about feeling good about yourself mentally, it doesn’t matter what you look like, you will find confidence comes from within. However, if you are looking to really tone up or lose some weight to feel healthier and look your best, there are a range of cardio machines you can invest in. If you don’t enjoy the gym, you can find the best rowing machine or other gym machine options online. 

Compliment other people often 

Supporting others can help us support ourselves, and being kind never hurts. Compliment others on their figure, this could help boost their body confidence, you never know how they might be feeling about themselves. Sometimes we judge others harshly because this is how we judge ourselves. After complimenting others, write a list of the things you like about yourself and go back to it when you are feeling less confident. 

Don’t compare yourself to others

The time people spend comparing themselves to other people could be spent working on what they care about. Focus on yourself, and you will become more confident naturally. Pick out the things you love about your body and emphasise them, this could be with clothes, make-up or however you’d like to express the things you love about yourself. Wear what you want and rock it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks. 

Swap negative self-talk for positive affirmations 

Good vibes only didn’t just become a popular phrase because it’s catchy, focusing on the positives and what is good in your life will instantly make you feel more confident and fulfilled. In terms of body confidence, write a list of all the good things you love about your body and what it’s done for you. Thank your body for how far it has taken you. There is no time for negative self-talk when you’re on a journey to being your most confident self. Boot out the insults and replace them with praise and appreciation. 

Hopefully, now you have some top tips to make you feel great about your body. You could even start a positivity journal to see how much you have improved your confidence over a set amount of time, set yourself goals and achieve them! Whether it’s losing weight in a certain area of your body or getting in a bikini on the beach, you can do it.