Living Room Tile Trends In 2020

Living room tile trends in 2020 to bring out the best of your living room.

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Living rooms are spaces where you, your family and guests coming into the house will use most frequently. This is the space where you and other residents of your house will partake in activities together. This is also the space where any visitors to the house will be most likely to be seated in. As such, this is a space where you want to decorate it in such a manner that it sends a message to anyone occupying it. What the message others will receive in your living room depends a lot on your choice of decor.

If you have decided on tiles to be your flooring option, you may want to read on to know about the trendiest tiles you can install in your living room. Tiles have numerous benefits if you do them properly and may significantly improve the look and functionality of your space. What type of tiles you may want on your living room floor depends on the look you are going for. Below we have listed some of the trends in 2020.

Natural Looking Tiles – Stone Effects

If you want to employ a natural look in your living area, you may want to install flooring with tiles that give off the stone effect. This will not only give you the look and feel of having actual stone effects on your floors but it comes with the added advantage of not having to deal with the adverse consequences of having actual stone flooring in your living rooms. Some of the most sought after tiling options in this aspect are the following: 

  1. Sandstone looking tiles

Sandstones looking tiles will give off a very nice natural effect. This is accomplished by having different patterns in sandstone that are found in different angles by mixing the two together. This is becoming an increasingly common practice to mix tiles of different sizes be blended together to achieve the desired effect. This can lead to some truly astonishingly beautiful results.

  1. Marble looking tiles 

If you are going for the natural effect when installing tiles in your living                               is another option that is extremely popular. This will give your living room the ultra elegant look that only the visual aesthetics of marbles can provide.

  1. Limestone looking tiles

Limestone looking tiles are tiles that will provide your living room with very warm tones and will endow in the room, an aesthetic that is very romantic in nature. The heightened glaze on these tiles will act as a surface that reflects light in all directions giving the room a very majestic and surreal feel to it.

Oak Wood Looking Tiles For That Feeling Of Extra Warmth

Wooden floors are automatically associated with style, elegance and class. These are qualities that are extremely desirable to have in your living room decor arsenal. While installing actual wooden floors comes with a host of undesirable effects and are extremely expensive, a cheaper and more practical approach might be to install tiles that mimic the visual aesthetics of wooden floors but are not that. 

If you decide to go with this flooring option, you will not be left short for choices. A number of ceramic and porcelain tiles offer this look. They come in different sizes, color schemes and price points. 

Distressed wood and rustic looking floor tiles

One look that has come very strongly back into the fashion is the look of distressed wood that makes for a very rustic look. Modern technology has evolved to the point where tiles can be made to look like planks of distressed timber. Their attention to detail is such that even the look of nail holes can be manufactured into these tiles. This can make for a truly unique looking floor in the most prized area of your house, the living room. 

There is just an unexplainable attraction to these vintage looking tiles that will give your living room the look of having a centuries old while at the same time being trendy. There is just an extremely cool factor to these tiles that give the room they are installed in a genuine personality of its own. 

White Floor Tiles For That Spacious Look

One of the prices that urban living has brought upon us is the undeniable fact that we are increasingly becoming short for space in our houses and apartments. White tiles can help in this regard. 

Living rooms are spaces of the house we want to appear most roomy. White floor tiles can create an illusion to make the space look much more roomy than it actually is. This is especially true when the tiles are free of any particular patterns. Tiles of the larger variety is another factor that contributes to this illusion and as such these flooring options are becoming increasingly popular among people looking to renovate or decorate their living rooms.

Encaustic Floor Tiles

Living rooms are usually the spaces a majority of the time is spent in. That being the case, living rooms are the most important part of your house to make a statement to anyone coming over. You want this space to be the perfect balance of comfort and at the same time, making a statement that reflects on your personality and taste. The tiles of the encaustic variety will help you achieve just that. 

These are tiles that are packed with character and substance. The perfect fit for any living room. This is a primary reason why these tiles have become trending for quite some time now. 

Living rooms are the only rooms in the house that people visiting will most certainly see. Let’s face it, bedrooms and other rooms are rooms that are exclusive to the people that live in the house and by default are not spaces visitors would be seeing. The ideal living room should be decorated in such a way that it provides comfort while at the same time making a statement about your personality. Living room tile trends in 2020 offer just that.

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