New Report Looks at Health Reform and Older Women

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OWL will launch its 2011 Mother’s Day campaign on May 5th with a briefing and release of its report on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 provisions that affect the lives of 70 million women over the age of 40. OWL publishes an annual report and this year’s describes major changes to America’s health care system that affect older women, discusses the ACA’s impact and puts this complex set of changes into a commonsense perspective. OWL’s Mother’s Day report will also include recommendations for changes to improve coverage and to make the system more affordable, equitable and workable.

The report includes:

  • A description of the basic changes that will expand health coverage, eliminate the “donut hole,” provide a comprehensive set of services, and bring cost savings to Medicare;
  • Information on Medicaid eligibility expansion provisions and Community Living Assistance Service and Supports (CLASS) Act provisions that create a voluntary long term care program for currently working adults as well as the CLASS Act provisions which provide for community-based services and supports; and
  • Elder Justice Act provisions to improve enforcement and support services for victims of elder abuse.
WHO: **Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
**Assistant Secretary for Aging, HHS Kathy Greenlee (invited)
**Margaret Hellie Huyck, OWL Board Chair
WHEN: Thursday, May 5th
A light breakfast will be served
WHERE: The Capitol, Room H-137
RSVP: Robin Strongin at

A copy of the report will be available to all attendees.

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