New Technology Solves a Common Problem, Especially Among Younger Car Buyers

In about 90 seconds, industry-changing text-to-quote technology delivers car insurance quotes directly to buyers’ phones

It’s happening more and more: millennials are going into car dealerships to buy cars, without realizing they need insurance to drive them off the lot. Now RightSure, a trusted name in insurance technology, is introducing proprietary text-to-quote technology that will give them an auto insurance quote in about 90 seconds using their smartphones.

This twist introduces speed and smartphone convenience to auto insurance technology

For years, hundreds of dealerships have used RightSure’s to help tens of thousands of car buyers quickly find and purchase insurance at the lowest rates. “But our research shows that millennials don’t want to call our toll-free number. They don’t want to hop onto a desktop or laptop to access our website. They want to be on their phones,” says RightSure’s Jeff Arnold, author of the Amazon best-seller, “The Art of the Insurance Deal.”  


“With our free artificial intelligence and chatbot technology, consumers will just text the word “quote” to 331.200.3696 or scan a dealer-provided QR code to access RightRater’s popular technology. They’ll answer a series of yes/no questions (designed to minimize keystrokes), and within about 90 seconds they’ll have up to 40 quotes from name brand companies. From there, they can either call our licensed call center to have the policy issued or buy it online. It’s a seamless process that takes about 9-1/2 minutes to complete.”

 RightRater delivers proof of insurance to the buyer’s smartphone or directly to the dealership. “Or (gasp!) we still deliver a fax, if necessary.”

Without this technology, the pain increases exponentially

Most people don’t like to spend hours at a dealership. Shopping for insurance can add substantially to that wait. “One horror story we hear over and over is about buyers who are shopping for cars on a Friday or Saturday night,” says Arnold. “They need to provide proof of insurance to take ownership of the vehicle. But by the time they finish with the deal, it could be late in the evening, long after insurance agencies are closed. So, they can’t take the car. That’s a miserable experience for the consumer and the dealership.” 

Faced with this situation, Arnold says some consumers will start by calling one of the heavily advertised insurance providers. “These calls can take anywhere from 15 minutes to more than 40 minutes, just to get a quote from that one provider! In about 90 seconds, the chatbot uses multi-variant rating to give buyers 40 choices. For easy comparison, we present buyers with the three lowest quotes. Then, they click to call the call center. In 9 minutes, 32 seconds, they can have insurance, without the additional hassle of winding up on a company’s marketing list.”

And because all insurance companies raise rates …

Arnold is also excited by his company’s “really cool technology” called RateGuard. “This is a big solution for a lot of folks. All insurance companies raise rates. Every five months, our RateGuard technology allows us to re-shop our clients’ insurance. Thirty days before their policy expires, we send them a text or email and let them know who has the best deals. They have the option to stay where they are or switch, without the labor-intensive work of doing further research.” 

Shopping for car insurance will continue to get easier

Arnold predicts this artificial intelligence and chatbot technology is just the start of even more exciting auto insurance technology. “In the future, buyers will just need to scan the QR code, snap a picture of their driver’s license and a picture of the car’s VIN, and we’ll do the work for you. We’re not there yet, but it will happen!”

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