Nostalgia Central: Why Life Was Much Groovier In The 70s

No decade had such greater presence, resonance, and influential pop culture than the intense, awesome, and totally trendy 1970s.

The 70s were a wacky and stimulating time in the United States, with changes sweeping through the country at an exponential rate.  Everything in the population’s lives transformed, from the music to gas prices to the social norm. The decade was crucial in the realm of sweeping historical trends, and the environmentalist movement, along with the fight for equality, began to ramp up dramatically.

70s Movies 

Movies in the 1970s seriously pushed the envelope, focusing more on taboo subjects and tackling and a great improvement in overall aesthetic quality. Including mental asylums, other galaxies, the mafia, and legendary cult films like Stanley Kubrick’s legendary ‘A Clockwork Orange, the 1970s were truly a seminal time for American cinema. 

The top-grossing Blockbuster films of the 1970s, which still continue to enthrall and delight audiences to this day, include One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Jaws, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rocky, Apocalypse Now, and the seminal and awe-inspiring The Godfather. 

The very first Star Wars movie was released in 1975, which even today reigns supreme of one of the firm science-fiction fanatics favorites. For retro-designed t-shirts and tops emblazoned with every cult favorite, you could possibly dream up, head to for fabulous retro apparel. 

70s Toys 

If you were raised in the 1970s, you would recall how exciting and envy-enduring it was to watch other kids on the block play with their new Christmas gifts when all you got was some new socks. You will also recall the fabulous toys and games around during the time. 

Troll dolls originated in Denmark in the ’50s, populated the 1970s home with their three signature hair colors; black, white, and orange. Remember the Tomy Waterful ring toss? Attempting to maneuver those pesky colored rings onto the plastic sticks was exhausting, but we’d give anything to be able to try again! Other 1970s massively popular toys included the Pogo ball, Pippa the Doll, and the bright orange, brilliantly bouncy Space Hopper. 

70s Candy 

The ultimate fashion statement of the 1970s wasn’t a shirt or sweater, but the multi-colored absolutely delicious Ring Pop lollipops. People could be as groovy as they wanted with the metal-looking soda Bottle Cap candies, whose launch in 1971 perfectly coincided with the launch of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. 

Right at the start of the 70s, the unforgettable chocolate Cadbury’s Marathon Bar (Curly Wurly in Britain) was launched, with a braided shape as unique as the bar itself. In 1975, the explosive Pop Rocks entered our lives, and three years later, beloved Reese’s Pieces Candy arrived on the scene.

The 1970s truly was the era of disco, bell-bottoms, and polyester, not to mention bright colors, kooky frocks, seminal movies, groovy tunes, and sweet and tasty 1970’s candy memories. For those that miss the 1970s, they can be grateful that a lot of pop culture is having a revival in modern times, which can help bring you a nice sense of nostalgia. 

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