Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Trip to Jamaica

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself (and answer) before you book your next trip to Jamaica. We’ll explain why you need to answer these questions before you book a trip to Jamaica and how they affect your final travel plans.

Who is traveling and why?

Create a list of everyone going with you. And be honest as to why people are going on the trip. If you’re traveling for a wedding but taking children with you, you might not want to stay at the newlyweds’ resort. After all, they have nothing for the children to do. If you’re hoping to spend a week on the beach, then you’ll want to choose a resort that is on the beach and ideally a private one. If you want to learn more about Jamaica’s culture and history, then you may want to book a resort that puts you close to the sights but protects you from local crime.

What matters most about the travel arrangements?

It is surprisingly how many people make the mistake of choosing the cheapest travel options when going on vacation. It is as if they expect to be in a good mood after waiting two hours for a second rate airline to takeoff, being crowded in economy class with their luggage and searching for food upon arrival. If you want to save money on your trip, consider staying just five days in Jamaica instead of ruining the mood by taking the cheapest flights. You should also try to arrange direct flights to minimize the time wasted on layovers and the risk of missing a connecting flight.

What do you want out of the resort itself?

Jamaica has everything from world-class five star resorts to cheap little bungalows near the beach you can rent pretty cheap. The level of service tends to go up with the price. Do you want to stay in a luxury resort where you can hit the spa, the beach or the restaurant any time you want? Do you want to stay in a mid-level resort where you can pick up dinner or walk a block to local restaurants to try real Jamaican jerk jerk chicken? Once you know how many people are going and the type of resort you want to visit, you can begin shopping for Jamaica vacation packages.

What is the reputation of the resort?

It isn’t uncommon to check out a ultra-cheap resort or travel website, send your money, and then find that they don’t really exist. If you booked the trip on your own, you may simply find out the cute little hotel shown online no longer exists or is actually a private residence. Security and the service level should also be paramount. Do they serve decent food? Do they protect visitors, and are visitors safe on the premises If they offer scuba diving or surfing lessons, are the instructors keeping everyone safe and doing a good job? If the resort offers transportation to and from the hotel, are they timely? How is the ride? Does the resort nickel and dime visitors? Tipping is normal, but are they charging a premium for pain reliever from their store and every glass of wine. 

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