Refinery explosion lawyers in Houston

Working in oil refineries is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. People in the Houston, TX area remember the 2005 BP Texas City site blast that killed 15 people and injured more than 180. In such a case, workers security seems to be more important than that, and poor security protocol can lead to a devastating explosion.

Refinery accidents often include fires and explosions. Clearly, these are dangerous and deadly to refinery workers. 

Some injuries are as follows:

Brain injury due to a gas explosion

Severe burns, which can cause nerve damage, infection, and amputation.

Bone fractures are very painful and can cause other problems.

Inhalation of toxic fumes from smoke and other purification chemicals

Refining is very dangerous if proper safety measures are not put in place. If you or someone you love is injured while working in a refinery, you must contact a refinery explosion lawyer to consult better compensation options. 

Who is responsible?

The first step in getting compensation for a refinery’s injury is to determine how it happened. In some cases, workers’ compensation benefits are available to cover medical costs and wages lost .

If your injury is caused by a defective product or improperly manufactured equipment or you do not have the necessary use and warning, you may need to claim product liability on the manufacturer. Product manufacturers are required to use continuous production methods and equipment, and to provide precise instructions for the intended use of their products. They are responsible for the injuries caused by their products by meeting any of these requirements.

If another employee threatens the job through negligent action, you will have to file a personal injury claim against the employee and prove that they are negligent in their duties. Proof of negligence depends on three things that the plaintiff must prove:

The defendant has a duty to act with due diligence. At the refinery, this means following all security protocols at all times.

The duty of care has been violated. This can be caused by actions such as slaps, reckless behavior, or inactivity when the supervisor fails to resolve a known security issue within a reasonable time.

The violation came directly from the plaintiff’s injuries. You need to prove that you did not experience your injuries. The defendant acted with due care.

If you can correctly prove negligence on behalf of the defendant, it will be possible to confirm the positive outcome of your investigation. A trusted refinery explosion lawyer will increase your chances and help you gather all the documents needed to obtain fair compensation for the full cost of your injuries.

Effects of refinery explosions:

Refinery accidents have the effect of permanently stopping and reducing the life of victims. Workers’ compensation may include initial medical expenses and lost wages, but those injured in refinery explosions and other accidents may be subject to physical rehabilitation and other treatments, permanent trauma or traumatic brain injury, or exposure to chemicals.

Our attorneys at Houston ,TX, has proudly served our clients for over 30 years, and they are not ashamed of tough lawsuits. Call our team at Zehl & Association today with any questions about refinery accidents or free case evaluation.

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