Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Bikers

A silhouette of a man sitting on his bike holding on to his woman.

By Ryan Miller

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As a biker, this is your chance to pull out all the stops to impress your special someone. Make things romantic by having a memorable ride with your heartthrob or surprise them by using your motorcycle to add some flair to your usual Valentine’s traditions. Here are Cycle Trader’s seven romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for bikers.

1. Make a Special Delivery

Buy a bouquet of roses, box of chocolates, or Valentine’s cards and deliver them to your significant other while riding on your motorcycle. It’s a smooth move when you give them these valentines yourself. If you’re a secret admirer, a delivery on your bike can be a charming effort for a first impression.

2. Scenic Cycling

Roll out on your motorcycle and escape to a scenic destination. Ride to the mountains, steal some views at an overlook, and count the stars together in the evening. Bike to the beach and watch a sunrise or sunset. Come nightfall, see the city lights while getting around on your motorcycle.

3. Date Night

Put on your best riding jacket and go out for a date night. Pick them up at their place and try a new restaurant or a familiar favorite. Saddle up together on your bike and have a night out on the town as you cruise into the movies, a concert, or performance at a theater.

4. Pack a Picnic

This is a thoughtful gesture that shows off your affection while spending time together outside and leaving your worries behind. Bring a basket on your bike, hit the highway, and find a cozy spot to plan a picnic. You can lay out a blanket, maybe even spread out flowers, and share the picnic food they love most.

5. Get Dirty Off-Roading

If you’ve got a couple dirt bikes, this is a fun way to get down and dirty on Valentine’s Day; whether you’re riding through puddles or slinging around some mud, this is guaranteed to be a date they’ll remember. Plan a lighthearted day on the trails for some heart-pounding thrills as you ride alongside each other on a pair of bikes. Show off your biking skills with stunts and tricks while you have a playful off-road adventure.

6. Teach Them to Ride

Get up close and personal to the one you care about while letting them in on the other love of your life—your motorcycle. Share more on the experience of riding with a lesson alone together. Provide a tour of your motorcycle and each of its parts, give them all the safety gear and riding attire they may need, then go for a ride together. Maybe even surprise him or her with some gear especially made for them.

7. Buy Them a Bike

There’s nothing sweeter than giving someone you love a new motorcycle, especially on Valentine’s Day! Find the special bike for that special someone, whether they’re a newcomer that’s just learned to ride or a road warrior looking for another bike to add to their collection. There’s a perfect bike out there for everyone.

Spread the love around and make your motorcycle part of the romance this Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for your next motorcycle or shopping for a loved one, be sure to see all the new and used bikes on!