The best dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic 

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of playing WOW Classic is tackling the game’s dungeons. These challenges require a skilled and well-equipped team of players within the appropriate level range to conquer. In this article, we will be highlighting the top dungeons to conquer if you are planning on completing them all in the near future. From the formidable enemies and valuable loot found within, to the intricately designed levels, these dungeons are a true test of your team’s strength and skill.

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  • Deadmines

Get ready to encounter pirates, bizarre goblin creatures, and many other bandits as you embark on your first dungeon foray into the Deadmines. This dungeon is suitable for players within the level range of 10 to 20. While the layout of this dungeon is relatively straightforward, it never becomes dull thanks to the variety of creative elements included. The hidden clues scattered throughout the dungeon also add an extra layer of missions for players to discover. This dungeon is a great starting point for new gamers looking to get a feel for the game and prepare for more difficulties ahead.

  • Zul Farrak

As you enter this dungeon, you will be transported to a desolate city and the kingdom of trolls. While the open layout of Zul’Farrak makes it easy to navigate, the large open field also presents its own set of challenges. It is difficult to get lost in there, which is beneficial for teamwork. Players will encounter a range of bosses and missions, from collecting items to defeating a certain number of enemies. The immersive atmosphere of the dungeon, with its striking visuals and background music, will take you in from the very start of the game.

  • The Scarlet Monastery

The Monastery of the Scarlet Order is the first dungeon that allows players to experience the challenges of high-level play and is best suited for those who already have the level range of 35 to 40. This dungeon is filled with a variety of tasks to accomplish. It’s also worth noting that the monastery is divided into four distinct sections, each with its own level, theme, and boss. While this dungeon is easily accessible to Horde players, Alliance players can also enter it relatively easily. That’s where you’ll find the real test of your skills and determination. 

However, it’s also worth saying that most of the dungeons available for higher levels are quite difficult to complete on your own. Nevertheless, by joining a WoW carry raid, you can get better equipment and achievements specific to the raid. In order not to waste time in vain, professional players of boost services can help you quickly and safely complete a dungeon raid at all difficulty levels.

  • Blackrock Depths

This dungeon is considered to be one of the largest and most defying in the WOW game, and this is why players tend to have mixed opinions about it due to its confusing layout. There are a plethora of tasks available within the Blackrock Depths, including the infamous and lengthy chain of quests to save the princess, which can only be obtained outside the dungeon after dying. While this dungeon can be a time-consuming challenge for players in the level 40 range, the sense of accomplishment upon completing it is well definitely worth it.

  • Blackfathom Deeps

The Dark Fang Fortress is another one of the greatest dungeons in the game, and the Horde is fortunate to have it located within their territory in Silverwood. Moreover, Alliance players can also access it from the South Coast and enjoy the dungeon. There are a variety of tasks available within the Dark Fang Fortress, many of which are part of lengthy chains and offer valuable rewards. The blue drops from this dungeon, known for their high-quality tools and weapons, are especially sought after by players.

  • Maraudon

The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, located in the Valley of Spears in the Wasteland, is a dungeon suitable for players within the level range of 45 to 52. This ancient burial ground and temple dedicated to the elemental earth is considered sacred by the centaurs. Within its walls, players will encounter a variety of creatures such as satyrs, demons, druids, dinosaurs, and many others. Whether facing off against formidable foes or navigating the temple’s winding corridors, this dungeon offers a true test of strength.

  • Wailing Caverns 

For the players between the level of 16 to 25, Wailing Caverns is a dungeon that can be found in the Northern Barrens Horde leveling region of World of Warcraft Classic. Southwest of the Crossroads, near the Lushwater Oasis, is where you’ll find the instance gateway for this dungeon. Though, the game’s first non-linear dungeon, Wailing Caverns, can be difficult for inexperienced players to navigate. 

  • Stratholme

This is also one of the most recognisable dungeons in WOW Classic. Stratholm is large enough on the side of the living and the dead that it can be seen as two different dungeons. Due to the time and effort required to complete both sides in one go, players often only complete one side at a time. A challenging but rewarding experience is what awaits you no matter which side you choose – the living or the dead one.

  • Scholomance

Among the hardest dungeons in WOW Classic is Scholomance, requiring a competent and organized team to defeat enemies. Its skeletons that are immune to magic spells, a very difficult gauntlet that requires good protection, and secret creatures can all be found within it. Scholomance is a dungeon not to be missed if your squad is ready for it. 

Take advantage of new dungeons and rewards, now is the time to try something new, so get your team together and immerse yourself in the world of WOW.