Top 15 Photo Slideshow Makers 2020

If photography is your passion, then you must understand the significance of slideshows. A slideshow comprises some photos, visual effects, and music stored in a video format and lets you play your pictures in a sequential, movie-like manner.

Even if you are new to slideshow making, Invideo can help you in making great photo slideshows. These slideshow makers help you transform all your video clips and images into great eye-catching videos for your special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Here are some of the top photo slideshow makers of 2020:

1. EaseUs Video Editor

EaseUs Video Editor allows video editors to create photo slideshows, apply special effects, and then add background music of their choice to those slideshows. This software also offers several features like importing a photo in any file format, adding multiple images to the software, add music to the video without any watermark, export these slideshows in file formats, and it is relatively easy to use.

2. Windows 10 Video Editor

It is a built-in program for Windows, known as Video Editor. One can easily use this program on his computer to accomplish the task of making a slideshow by following some easy and simple steps.

3. Icecream Slideshow Maker

This software helps users create slideshows effortlessly on their Windows PC. With the help of this software, you would be able to create a slideshow with your choice of music files, transition effects, and different text styles.

4. iMovie

iMovie is a free software manufactured by Apple for Mac users. By using this software, Mac users can edit videos and create awesome slideshows on Mac machines. You can add select from various transitions and audio pieces and add them to your slideshows. After completing the job, you can export your slideshow to anywhere on your Mac storage.

5. YouTube Movie Maker

One can easily make professional-quality slideshows with the help of YouTube Movie Maker. This software offers various formats of video clips, images, audio, text overlays, and subtitles to choose from. It seems very simple to use, and users do not require any prior knowledge of video editing for using this.

6. Wondershare Filmora9

It is an excellent photo slideshow maker for beginners and also for professionals. It offers a platform with high features that make the process of slideshow development much easier both for Windows and Mac. 

For making photo slideshows and embedding music, transitions, filters, and overlays in it, one can select from 300 effects and more than 20 copyright music pieces. These will enable you to create a professional-looking slideshow.

This software supports all major file formats. The final slideshow can be shared directly on social media platforms like YouTube. 

7. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder

It is a powerful tool that has got slides, rich in features and fulfils all the requirements of a professional slideshow. You can easily merge photos with 2D/3D effects. You can easily share the final file on YouTube or an iPad. Though it offers numerous benefits it also has some drawbacks like it doesn’t allow users to share those slideshows through emails or directly to interactive CDs.

8. online video editor

InVideo’s online video editor assists video-makers in making slideshows in a few easy steps. In InVideo you can choose from over 3000 templates and even add your text and logo and export them.

9. Clideo Slideshow Maker

Clideo is a very popular slideshow maker that embeds various features. If you are looking to create a nice slideshow for any special occasion, then you can use this for arranging your photos, add more images, crop images or photos, and also add music.

10. Pholody

Pholody is a tool that allows users to create slideshows online. This tool is free to use, and you can leverage this to upload your photos, images, add music, and download as a slideshow. It also offers various pre-designed templates for your ease of use.

11. Slidely 

 This tool is generally used for sharing content over the Internet and follows curated collections of creators. With the help of this tool, video editors have the option of importing video or images from their personal computers. Users can also access media from social media platforms.

Though it offers numerous benefits, it is not user-friendly and does not allow developed videos to be downloaded.

12. Photosnack

This tool is free and still offers numerous benefits to its users. This tool doesn’t need to get downloaded, but it works online with various tools for developing photo slides. 

Using the Photosnack platform, you can easily add videos, music, or images to your files and share them with various social media platforms.

13. Kizoa

This tool offers excellent features without the requirement of getting registered. It is advanced editing software that supports different types of animations, transitions, special effects, and various music options for developing various interactive videos.

While this software offers many benefits like customization of time, duration, position, easy sharing over social media, it has some drawbacks like not so good user interface, limited features, and full HD support with an only professional plan.

14. Photostory

If you are looking for software to develop awesome slideshows for any special event or even movies, then this software is apt for you. What you need to do is select photos from the device gallery, create a slideshow with various transitions, and save and share quickly.

Despite having features like filters, animations and subtitles, high resolution, and playback adjustment, there is a drawback that users can only select limited photos.

15. FilmoraGo

FlioraGo is a mobile-based application and offers high customization. It provides an easy approach to the user interface. Now users can easily edit/cut videos, apply various filters, and use lots of ready-made themes. 

This tool is liked by many users, as it offers numerous professional setup and development platforms. The tool has a disadvantage that it gets slow with massive files.

Always look for a slideshow maker that is easy to use and can save you lots of time.