Top Benefits of a Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner Canister

Maintaining a garage can be stressful because it could harbor dirt even at the most cranny parts. This dirt can be specks of dust; it can be wastes or even sawdust from sanding furniture. But whatever it is, cleaning it wouldn’t be a comfortable thing to do.

If this dirt builds up until the point that there’s a need to clean up, you wouldn’t want to use a broom for cleaning. You wouldn’t also want to make use of your home vacuum cleaner so that you won’t destroy it. The best method you can use to get rid of the dirt is a wall-mounted garage vacuum. 

This machine will provide you the luxury of easy, fast, and smooth vacuum cleaning, yet, it only takes a small space on your wall. What else could you probably ask for? With this vacuum cleaner, you can work on your project without being bothered about how to clean up when you are done.

In this article, we’ll discuss the significant features to always watch out for whenever you want to buy a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner for your garage. As soon as you have found the wall-mounted vacuum cleaner of your choice, with your preferred functionality, check for other features as well. Also, we will discuss the benefits you stand to gain when you buy a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner.

The features you have to watch out for in a wall-mounted garage vacuum cleaner are the hose length, size of its tank. Some of the other factors depend on your preference in terms of usability and other elements you deem essential for you. See below.

Hose Length

The vacuum unit is always mounted to the wall, so it is immovable. Since it is immovable, it requires that it has a long hose so you can cover more areas when cleaning. A fixed vacuum unit is limited in functionality if it has a short hose. 

So, ensure that your wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner is equipped with a long hose before buying. Although, the longer the hose, the lesser its suction power, but a hose length of 40 feet is ideal.

Tank Capacity

This only determines the amount of dirt it can accommodate before you empty it. So, to avoid emptying its tank now and then, you should consider a vacuum with a larger tank capacity.


Indeed, the garage vacuum will be mounted on the wall, why should it then be equipped with wheels? Wheels come in handy when dirt in liquid form is getting much in its tank, and the vacuum is becoming heavier. 

When the vacuum gets heavier, it is not advisable that you keep the vacuum unit fixed to the wall. Instead, you can unmount it from its bracket and place it on its wheels while collecting the specks of dirt in liquid form.

Benefits of a High-Quality Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

  • Cleaning Services

Your wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner can do more than just cleaning your garage. It can keep your garage in order and, in turn, speed up the rate at which you get your projects done. The vacuum cleaner will cater to all dirt, even till the last fragment, and will come in handy whenever you need its services. 

The vacuum is not just useful for dirt in solid form alone; it is also useful for messes in liquid forms. Due to its wet and dry features, the vacuum can clear up the mess that comes as a result of spill or stains. Thus keeping your park at a very high standard and saving you the cost of professional cleaning services.

  • High Performance

The wall-mounted vacuum cleaner is equipped with HEPA filters that filter allergens that are transmitted through the air. This is what differentiates it from other average vacuum cleaners. With this feature, your garage will be safe for people with all sorts of airborne allergies.

  • Durability

A vacuum cleaner without the required sturdiness wouldn’t stand the test of time. A garage is a busy place, and to keep the garage clean at all times, you must clean up from time to time. Besides, for a busy garage, your vacuum cleaner must produce a strong suction force to attain a  perfect cleaning service. 

This durability is what the wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner has come to offer you so you won’t work yourself out trying to clean your garage.